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Monday, December 27, 2004

Happy Holidaze!

Good Morning World!
Did everyone have a nice Christmas? I sure did! Santa brought me lots of stuff I wanted like a teapot, a nice sauce pan, a brita pitcher, some funky jewelry, a book about pottery & handbuilding techniques (this will be helpful as I am taking a pottery class that starts in about 2 weeks). I musta been real good this year! (or he didn't see me when I was being bad-wink wink) Before presents we had a yummy breakfast of homemade biscuits and homemade sausage gravy with broiled grapefruits, sprinkled with brown sugar and a marachino cherry on top. Yum in my Tum! Then after presents we laid around for a while & watched A Christmas Story (it's on 24hrs on TBS) one of the greatest xmas movies of all time. ONE of... The others of course being Miracle on 34th street (the original black & white of course), The Grinch (Dr. Seuss version) and who can forget It's a Wonderful Life - (although I didn't see it this year), The Muppet Christmas Carol, Charlie Brown Christmas and the original Christmas Carol (also one I neglected to see this year) Then I took a nap for a few hours. Then around 4ish we decided to go see a movie. My bros & dad went to see The Life Aquatic while my mom & sister & I went to see Lemony Snicket I really liked this movie. It was very Tim Burton-esque, the cinematography was fantastic and surreal and beautiful and the story kept you intruigued. It had rich eccentric characters and was an all around good story.

Just found out about this cool new website, check it out...


Thursday, December 23, 2004

This week has already flown by! It is Thursday (my Friday) and I am looking forward to a 3 day weekend, followed by a 2 day work week, then another long 5 day weekend, including bringing in 2005! Let's review the past week...
Let's start at last Friday..
Christmas Gala at the Mulford's
Married folks sympathizing for the poor single girl (enter me) I hate that. I am perfectly fine and happy being single until these people give you that look of pity b/c you are not married. Ya know what? I would rather be single and sure than married and miserable. Not that these peeps were miserable, but I am not going to settle for the first Joe Shmo that comes along just b/c society makes it so unorthodox to be single after 23.
Fast Forward to Sunday.
Woke up and went down to the highlands for some Everybody's Pizza comfort cheese stix. Mmmmm. Then walked around for a bit, went into the CD corner store, listened to some cool dj style xmas music cd, explored every inch of the Metropolitan store (LOVE that store) and eventually went home.
After work last nite I went over to a girlfriend's house after work for some hord'vores (I pronounce "whore-da-vore's") and wine and laughter. It was fun. Girls I have known since we were all 13 and in 8th grade. They have known each other longer (since the womb) but I was a transplant from Indiana in 1988 so I joined in later. It was nice, but it was time for some R & R. Plus my pussies hadn't seen me in 2 whole days and I missed them.
Looking forward to the long weekend ahead and hoping to see RAS over the break. We'll see! Until next week, Merry Christmas & Happy Festivus!

Thursday, December 16, 2004


I just spilled my coffee all over my desk for the THIRD time this week. And I even drink my coffee with a lid.
I have a meeting in 30 minutes that I am still preparing for and spilling coffe just threw the curve ball in my game.

Tuesday, December 14, 2004


Life is like chasing a playful puppy. It runs away. If you run the other way, the "puppy" will chase you.

Monday, December 13, 2004

Fantastically Well

Every morning I come into work and head straight for the break room to make my cocoa and coffee concoction I have come to be addicted to. Since I am usually the first one here, or at least the first one motivated enough to make the coffee, I head to my desk while the coffe brews and turn on my computer. Then the vent above my desk kicks on. It is now a 32 below Colorado winter at my desk, and my desk only. Yipee f'ing ki-yay. So EVERY MORNING I get up and turn the damn thing up so it will turn off, but it rarely works. It is still on right now as I type and I just get more and more angry, b/c even if I kick it up to 80, it still is blowing frigid air! I can't figure out how to override the program it is on and it becomes increasingly more agitating...
Why does it seem like a good idea to go out on Sunday nite? Let me count the reasons...
A) $4.75 pitchers
2) I didn't go out Saturday nite, so I feel as if I may have missed out on something.
and 3) I haven't left my house all day so I was going mental.
Let me now recount the reasons it would have been more advantageous to stay in...
A) I would be much more well rested..
2) I wouldn't have spent any $$
And finally, I will state the reason I am glad I went out last nite:
A) It was a hoopin hollerin good time to be had by all, met some cool peeps, laughed my ass off, and I got a cool new hat!
Rewind to Friday nite..
Met up with RAS again for the 1st time in 8 yrs. It was wonderful.
There was definitely a connection there. And there was a comfort level that was easily revisted almost immediately. We have grown up seperately along the same path. There were many things we both noticed that were more than just coincidental. Our music tastes had both developed along the same line (this is VERY important to me...for instance, when I was dating BB, he had mentioned that he didn't like music with guitar in it! Who doesn't like that?!).

Anyways, things are looking up and I am elated!

Friday, December 10, 2004

Waiting for my Man...

Doin the dance, swingin the arms in a clockwise rotation...thinkin about tonite...Gonna see RAS! Can't wait...excited..nervous...more excited...looking forward to it! Weeeeeeeeee!!!

Oh yeah and yesterday BB sent me a "wink" from match.com. HA! I laugh in your general direction...now go away before I taunt you a second time! Please brutha, didn't u get the hint when I never called or emailed you? DUH!
Sometimes those boys can be SO OBTUSE! I say boys, b/c they are all "boys" - I'm waiting for my MAN.... (Vanessa Paradis song originally done by Velvet Underground) http://www.vanessaparadis.info/Work/m-7/01.jpg


I have got to get to work so the day flies by faster and it will be that muich closer to see RAS! yipee!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Sexy Slash

Listening to Velvet Revolver turns me on. Their songs are just so sexy. I especially like #8 - Superman. Well, 6-12 are my favs. #2 is also pretty sexy. Okay, they all rock!
It's Slash's guitar playing. I have been listening to the album to and from work since the show on Sunday evening and everytime I hear his guitar solo I can't stop thinking about how sexy it sounds and how much I want to... oh never mind. ;) Man O Man.
And I talked to a friend & he told me that Matt Sorum (drummer of VR) was at Metalsome Monday at 10HIGH! AND I WAS RIGHT DOWN THE STREET AT BLIND WILLIES!
So close.
While listening to DAVE FM this morning they talked about what NOT to do at your holiday office party and I am pretty sure that after this weekend I violated most all of them. I regret nothing I did. Here are the ones I violated: Don't wear anything to reveling (I brought the girls out - push up bra and all), don't drink too much (i did nothing i regretted later).
Which brings me to this point. I gotta give up on the ones with girlfriends. It is pointless and hopeless and I need to stop torturing myself. It's not fair to me. Which brings me to another point. I briefly spoke to RAS last nite again. I still can't believe we are back in touch talking on the phone and laughing it up just like no time has passed when in reality 8 yrs have passed since I have seen the boy. He sent me some photos last week and he still looks good (not that I doubted he wouldn't) but it was hilarious b/c he sent me 2 photos where he was just making goofy faces and one normal but I was cracking up when I saw them. I can't wait to actually see him again. Soon I hope!
Lots going on this weekend. This girl from work who has been here for 3 months now is going back to Germany on Friday :( so we are going out for her last nite Thursday to Wild Bills. I have never been there but I hear it is pretty fun. I was hoping to get 3 nites in a row off from the bottle, but apparently that ain't happenin'! So I might take Friday nite off, although Appetite for Destruction (a GNR cover band that is supposed to be great) is playing at Masquerade. Not sure if I am going to make it. Would rather see and hang out with RAS but he hasn't proposed a time to meet yet so we will see. Saturday is a bonfire party at another friend/rock star/hottie's lake house. Check out his band Chase56
Will I ever get a rest?

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Antwanio James and the Sexual Cogress

So due to my rockstar lifestyle of late, I have almost completely lost my voice and now sound like a man.
I dragged ass in the club and went out like a rock star at about 1:30... you get a couple a PBR's up in dis bitch and she goodst to go's!
So about the title of this blog...yes, well lemme 'splain. No there is too much, lemme sum up. (princess bride - what?) I went to Blind Willie's last nite to see some of my nearest & dearest rock it out blues style. If you ever have a chance GO SEE THIS BAND. They are fantastic and you will wonder where they have been all your life. By the end of the show you are screaming for more, more, more! (billy idol anyone?). But let me tell you about the opener: Antwanio James and the Sexual Congress. They had a couple of hits in the late 80's early 90's. Their first record, "Get Moist" produced unforgettable hits like "I'm so glad to be together again with you...for the first time" and "Two plus one minus one". They went gold within 3 weeks of the albums release and continue to pick the axe like professionals to this day, just on a tighter circuit. If you want to find out more about this band CLICK HERE.
Thank you Atlanta! Goodnight!
(picture rock star horns up in arms as I exit the room)

Monday, December 06, 2004

Velvet Revolver

Last night for about an hour and a half I was 15 yrs old again. I have been waiting since I was 15 to see Slash make love to his guitar on stage. It was fantastic, amazing, wonderful, superb, and completely surreal. I am not the type of person who typically gets starstruck, but there I was unable to move for I was in awe of the amazing talent I was FINALLY able to witness less than 10 feet away from me! I stood there mouth agape, in bewilderment and facination (and lust) for the amazing rock gods "gettin it" live. Here are some pics:



Duff again

Duff McKagen

Slash again

Rock Gods

Scott Weiland (formerly of STP)


Velvet Revolver