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Friday, December 10, 2004

Waiting for my Man...

Doin the dance, swingin the arms in a clockwise rotation...thinkin about tonite...Gonna see RAS! Can't wait...excited..nervous...more excited...looking forward to it! Weeeeeeeeee!!!

Oh yeah and yesterday BB sent me a "wink" from match.com. HA! I laugh in your general direction...now go away before I taunt you a second time! Please brutha, didn't u get the hint when I never called or emailed you? DUH!
Sometimes those boys can be SO OBTUSE! I say boys, b/c they are all "boys" - I'm waiting for my MAN.... (Vanessa Paradis song originally done by Velvet Underground) http://www.vanessaparadis.info/Work/m-7/01.jpg


I have got to get to work so the day flies by faster and it will be that muich closer to see RAS! yipee!!!!!!!!


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