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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Sexy Slash

Listening to Velvet Revolver turns me on. Their songs are just so sexy. I especially like #8 - Superman. Well, 6-12 are my favs. #2 is also pretty sexy. Okay, they all rock!
It's Slash's guitar playing. I have been listening to the album to and from work since the show on Sunday evening and everytime I hear his guitar solo I can't stop thinking about how sexy it sounds and how much I want to... oh never mind. ;) Man O Man.
And I talked to a friend & he told me that Matt Sorum (drummer of VR) was at Metalsome Monday at 10HIGH! AND I WAS RIGHT DOWN THE STREET AT BLIND WILLIES!
So close.
While listening to DAVE FM this morning they talked about what NOT to do at your holiday office party and I am pretty sure that after this weekend I violated most all of them. I regret nothing I did. Here are the ones I violated: Don't wear anything to reveling (I brought the girls out - push up bra and all), don't drink too much (i did nothing i regretted later).
Which brings me to this point. I gotta give up on the ones with girlfriends. It is pointless and hopeless and I need to stop torturing myself. It's not fair to me. Which brings me to another point. I briefly spoke to RAS last nite again. I still can't believe we are back in touch talking on the phone and laughing it up just like no time has passed when in reality 8 yrs have passed since I have seen the boy. He sent me some photos last week and he still looks good (not that I doubted he wouldn't) but it was hilarious b/c he sent me 2 photos where he was just making goofy faces and one normal but I was cracking up when I saw them. I can't wait to actually see him again. Soon I hope!
Lots going on this weekend. This girl from work who has been here for 3 months now is going back to Germany on Friday :( so we are going out for her last nite Thursday to Wild Bills. I have never been there but I hear it is pretty fun. I was hoping to get 3 nites in a row off from the bottle, but apparently that ain't happenin'! So I might take Friday nite off, although Appetite for Destruction (a GNR cover band that is supposed to be great) is playing at Masquerade. Not sure if I am going to make it. Would rather see and hang out with RAS but he hasn't proposed a time to meet yet so we will see. Saturday is a bonfire party at another friend/rock star/hottie's lake house. Check out his band Chase56
Will I ever get a rest?


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