A description of what it is like to be me. In my head...in my world...what I think...what I do...how i poo...but never why...and never about pie...

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Flickering Floating Feelings Fleeting
Returning Retracting Reverbing Reacting
Confusing Creating Contortions Misleading
Marinating Meanings Mayhem & Needing
Bodies Entangled Mingled & Mangled
Abusing Misusing Moaning and Sighing
Mouths touching, licking lips, some sliding
Reflecting Replaying Ravaging & Raging
Exploding Excited - Tired of Trying.
The End.

A Poem...


Smiling eyes
A sexy surprise
Those lashes aplenty
Inviting & frenzied
Sanguine & misleading
And oh so appealing
Lips soft & exciting
Moaning & sighing
Your touch so sublime
It's hard to define
For me do you pine?
When we're apart,
Am I in your heart?
Sometimes it's confusing
I feel like I'm losing
But I'll take what I can
Of your attention/affection so grand
What is it you see...
in me?

I crack myself up!

It's a beautiful fall day in little 5 points, the trees were flickering green and gold and russet and crimson leaves floating down in a quickgush of wind now and again. I sit with the sun on my face, soaking up the delicious warm blanket feeling washing over me. I sit at my coffee shop which I have grown to adore in a---Miss Lavender just came outside and hugged me hello. She is probably the sweetest person I know, paired with the most beautiful singing voice I have ever heard...and she also works here, at this coffee shop...for now.
But I digress...
Anyways, the coffee shop right now, is a death metal coffee shop...inside anyways. I am outside trying to listen over the screaming ear assaults to the flickering leaves, and the occassional car that drives by. They are becoming more frequent, so I can tell that little 5 points is awakening and emerging from their domiciles and bungalows and lofts and crawling into the light on their way to the coffee shop....or the record store.....or maybe grab some grub and throw it in, or a few beers...
I am sipping upon a scrumptious concoction I conceived as soon as I walked in...2 shots espresso, pumpkin spice flavoring (sugar free) eggnog & soy milk steamed....
Thank you Mr. Steele!

I sauntered up the street earlier to buy the CD from the movie soundtrack, "Once" a handful of minutes ago...
Now I can hear Ozzy inside...I like Ozzy....
Ok, the Cd just started...Do I turn it inside or leave it play loud?
Now the sun has changed and I am half in the shade. That's no good.
I feel rushed! It's Cold! There are people smoking on the patio now that I am eavesdropping on! This creamy goodness in a cup is divine!
Oh yeah, so I went to Criminal Records to buy the Cd...
and I saw Cisco in there - man he's everywhere! ANYWAYS, I get the counter and I hear the dude say $17.26 ... so I whip our my fat stacks o Benjamins and, ok, small stack of Lincolns and few Washingtons...... :) ... and say $17.26 ? and he says something that could sound like 26 or 27 - I know, they aren't that similar, but trust me. So I say it again blah blah 26...and he syas u can give me 26 but its 27...and I'm like sorry, 6, I don't know why I keep hearing 6.... must have SIX on the brain! and then of course I laugh at my own joke....he does too.....
I crack myself up!