A description of what it is like to be me. In my head...in my world...what I think...what I do...how i poo...but never why...and never about pie...

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Could this be a song?

This umbrella's seen better days...
My heart's been trapped in a purple haze....
My mind wanders around this town..
Wondering what's next and am I gonna fall down...

'Rain is comin', that's what she said..
Before she stepped on that pedal with her foot of lead..
Headed toward that green highway
With her head full of dreams and her heart full of red

I'm just a broken umbrella, walkin in the rain
When the sun comes out, I'll feel less insane
Mom says hold your chin high babe, and don't you cry
The price is high for the freedom train


Not sure where to go next with this, but, anyone have any comments?