A description of what it is like to be me. In my head...in my world...what I think...what I do...how i poo...but never why...and never about pie...

Monday, September 27, 2004


Wow. I am not getting much sleep lately, but that's A-OK with me due to the reasoning behind the lack of sleep. Wow. What a fantastic weekend I just had. Spent most of all of it with BB. Attempted to learn how to play snooker (not so much) talked to bob, went to a fabulous new sushi place, and had some really interesting conversations. We communicate very well together. Wow. Can't go into too much more detail as there are no words to describe...gotta try and concentrate now.

Friday, September 24, 2004

Clay Cook

Clay Cook at Eddie's Attic last nite was great. Too short, but it was cool to see him solo acoustic in that venue. He covered Blackbird by the Beatles - a song I have never seen covered, and my favorite Beatles song. He also played my favorite song by him, Terrible Timing. Check him out: (http://www.claycook.com)

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Angry Lesbians really chap my hide...

I was over at Kat's last nite feeding her kitties watching the season premiere of Smallville. (Man the Clark Kent is one hot tamale!) So I am sitting in her room enthralled by the naked Tom Welling strut around, and there was someone else in the house! I had a mini heart-attack. It was Jim, the dude who is working on their house at nite. Freaked my shit out!

Oh yeah and let me tell you about the angry lesbian bull-dykes that live next door... I was over there a few nites ago and I parked in their driveway b/c Kat's driveway is blocked by a dumpster they are using as well as some construction supplies. So anyways, I park there and they both come outside as I am getting out of the jeep to "see what the commotion" was all about. I said, "I'm just parking here for a sec, to feed their kitties" and the older one says did you run over our siding? I was like, no, I didn't I saw it sitting there. She says "We heard something sound like it cracked" I said again very matter-of-factly "I KNOW I didn't run over anything, I saw it sitting there" and walked away. What a bunch of freaks. Then as I was leaving a few minutes later, they are both eerily came to the door and watched me leave and I kept looking back at them with a look on my face like - (what the fuck are you looking at!) And the younger one waved. weird ass lesbos.

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Mr. Browne

Wow. I had a fantastic date Sunday nite with BB. He's good looking, smart, funny, fun, optimistic, has a great outlook on life and he can cook! It's too good to be true. Great kisser too. Man. I don't know about this. I know I am excited about it tho! More later - gotta work.

Thursday, September 16, 2004

Welcome Hurricane Ivan

So Ivan is on his way...well I say bring it on..I like this scary weather! It's a thrill! I am right now watching the clouds outside moving fast, the leaves are turned over and the wind has picked up significantly from this morning's early calm...the time is drawing near...the calm almost scares me more...the calm before the storm...eerie. Traffic on the way home is going to blow chunks..I can feel it. Poop. Speaking of poop, I am pooped. I need to dry out...sat on Seth's porch and drank wine with Jodee (again) and tonite is the Muffs. Looking forward to tonite although I'm not sure I will make it tomorrow! Ugh - well, off to drink more coffee before I fall asleep. This weather does that to me...it's going to look like night all day..it's going to be a loooooong day..i can feel it...

Monday, September 13, 2004

All my friends are drunks...

Good Morning world.
So I have had an interesting last 24 hrs...
So I woke up yesterday morning around 9:30. My friend has a boat and we were going to sit on the boat all day and get drunk in the sun...not a bad day.... preceded to enjoy the great day. So we get back to my friend's house and I nap for a few hrs so I can drive home in a little bit..I go home and get there about 10:30 and get right in bed b/c at this point I am POOPED! This is where it gets interesting...

Another friend calls me at 11 (keep in mind I am almost completely asleep at this point) and she needs me to come pick her drunk ass up and crash at my house. Ok, I REALLY don't want to get out of bed, but I would HOPE that if I needed someone to do this for me they would, instant karma and all that jazz...So I go get her and bring her home. I TRY and get her to sleep on the couch, but NO she has to sleep in the bed...well, being single, I have grown wuite accostomed to NOT sharing my bed with anyone, so when there IS someone there, it is difficult for me to sleep. FF to 3am, I am still awake and she is taking up most of the space...I can't sleep and I am exhasuted. Not fun for me. So I get up and sleep on my own couch. nice huh? 6am came too soon I'll tell ya that. So I get up this morning and get ready and everything and she wants me to take her to her car....at 75 and Howell Mill Rd. Well, I go 400 to Alpharetta to go to work, so 75 and Howell Mill isn't EXACTLY on the way...at all. I can't, I'll drop you off at Lenox exit and you can get a cab from there - I tell her. We get in my car to leave my house and another friend (who happens to live across the street from me) comes stumbling up, still drunk and awake from last nite, he needs me to run him to the gas station for more beer and cigs. Sure! Why the hell not?! I don't have to go to work or anything! UGH! So that has been my charity case morning. All in all I find it very amusing..I'm sure I will look back on it and laugh...one day. :)

Sunday, September 12, 2004

Lake Sunday

Today I went with Beau on his boat to Lake Allatoona today. Rusty and Cyndi came too. It was alot of fun. Drunkfest revisited. Beer, smogs and lake water. What a wonderful combination. Now I am pooped. Last nite I went over the MM's to watch the GA - COCKS game and there was some major Sid drama. Amateur I tell u. Oh yeah, and don't forget about JD. OMG. What was I thinking?! I am trying to prepare myself for the ride home as I am still at Beau's deep in the heart of Smyrna, and my pussy's are probably hungry...

Friday, September 03, 2004


What up world? So when I got home from work yesterday, I cleaned my house then forced myself to go on a run. When I got back, Jodi was sitting outside having a glass of wine and a fag and we started talking. She is a pretty cool girl. She teaches 3rd grade and loves Ben Harper and her boyfriend, Yai-Yai, plays in the band Mandorico. She's also a band groupie of sorts, well, a music lover who goes to see shows like I do. Awesome. Then Bart came over, we went to Connor's for about 1 minute and then Jodi and I hung out on the neighbor boy Seth's front porch swing drinking wine and smoking cigarettes. It was a good nite...

Today we are going to Destin with the company! Yipee! Can't wait!

Thursday, September 02, 2004

Peachtree Tavern AKA Chameleon Club

Just so everyone knowa, the old CHameleon CLub is now known as the Peachtree Tavern. The bar is gone from the middle of the room and what used to be the sound and lighting board, is now the stage and vice versa. I can still remember seeing SPider Monkey play there, Randy lighting his drums on fire, Todd getting the crowd going strong as always...Tony making those great faces he makes while playing...and Garret just doing what he does best...Whata bunch of hams..gotta love 'em. But I digress..I went to "peachtree tavern" last nite to see Read my Lips (www.readmylipsband.com) my friend Jen & Bart's 80's cover band. Their bassist, Brian, is leaving to do a Bon Jovi Tribute band called Slippery When Wet, but the point is I am now going with Brian and his friend Richard to the Queensryche Operation Mindcrime show at the Tabernacle on Oct 27th!!! YEAH! TIme to rock out peace~

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Chihuly in the Garden


Last night I went with Beth, Harris, and his dad to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens and saw some amazing glass blown sculptures all lit up with the backdrop of the city peeping thru the trees. It was very inspiring. I recommend checking it out if you get a chance. Click the link and watch the video for an idea of what it was like. I guess tonite they are having a beneift for the rainforest and STING is going to be there. How cool is that? Sting is hot for an old guy. Tonite my friends Jen & Bart and their 80's band is playing at Peachtree Tavern. I'll probably go. We'll see...