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Thursday, September 02, 2004

Peachtree Tavern AKA Chameleon Club

Just so everyone knowa, the old CHameleon CLub is now known as the Peachtree Tavern. The bar is gone from the middle of the room and what used to be the sound and lighting board, is now the stage and vice versa. I can still remember seeing SPider Monkey play there, Randy lighting his drums on fire, Todd getting the crowd going strong as always...Tony making those great faces he makes while playing...and Garret just doing what he does best...Whata bunch of hams..gotta love 'em. But I digress..I went to "peachtree tavern" last nite to see Read my Lips (www.readmylipsband.com) my friend Jen & Bart's 80's cover band. Their bassist, Brian, is leaving to do a Bon Jovi Tribute band called Slippery When Wet, but the point is I am now going with Brian and his friend Richard to the Queensryche Operation Mindcrime show at the Tabernacle on Oct 27th!!! YEAH! TIme to rock out peace~


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