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Thursday, September 16, 2004

Welcome Hurricane Ivan

So Ivan is on his way...well I say bring it on..I like this scary weather! It's a thrill! I am right now watching the clouds outside moving fast, the leaves are turned over and the wind has picked up significantly from this morning's early calm...the time is drawing near...the calm almost scares me more...the calm before the storm...eerie. Traffic on the way home is going to blow chunks..I can feel it. Poop. Speaking of poop, I am pooped. I need to dry out...sat on Seth's porch and drank wine with Jodee (again) and tonite is the Muffs. Looking forward to tonite although I'm not sure I will make it tomorrow! Ugh - well, off to drink more coffee before I fall asleep. This weather does that to me...it's going to look like night all day..it's going to be a loooooong day..i can feel it...


Blogger Brent said...

Did you see the Muff's? Maybe it got cancelled because of the hurricane?


6:13 PM

Blogger Blue said...

Yeah it got cancelled. SUX!

8:32 AM


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