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Thursday, September 23, 2004

Angry Lesbians really chap my hide...

I was over at Kat's last nite feeding her kitties watching the season premiere of Smallville. (Man the Clark Kent is one hot tamale!) So I am sitting in her room enthralled by the naked Tom Welling strut around, and there was someone else in the house! I had a mini heart-attack. It was Jim, the dude who is working on their house at nite. Freaked my shit out!

Oh yeah and let me tell you about the angry lesbian bull-dykes that live next door... I was over there a few nites ago and I parked in their driveway b/c Kat's driveway is blocked by a dumpster they are using as well as some construction supplies. So anyways, I park there and they both come outside as I am getting out of the jeep to "see what the commotion" was all about. I said, "I'm just parking here for a sec, to feed their kitties" and the older one says did you run over our siding? I was like, no, I didn't I saw it sitting there. She says "We heard something sound like it cracked" I said again very matter-of-factly "I KNOW I didn't run over anything, I saw it sitting there" and walked away. What a bunch of freaks. Then as I was leaving a few minutes later, they are both eerily came to the door and watched me leave and I kept looking back at them with a look on my face like - (what the fuck are you looking at!) And the younger one waved. weird ass lesbos.


Blogger rusty said...

You know what else really chaps my hide? A snowcone about this high (holds out hand waist-high, palm-down).

11:17 AM


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