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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Old People, School Buses & Bike Rides!

I was just emailing back and forth with a friend of mine and we were talking about how her mother (who is like 87) acting like such a child and not wanting to or even trying to do anything for herself b/c its just easier to have everyone else to do it for her. I think that’s what happens when we get older – it’s the human circle of life, we are born babies, crapping in our diapers and being nurtured and having everything done for us, we slowly become more and more independent, then we get married, slowly become more dependant, on our husband/wife/partner/ whoever, and then we grow old and we are right back to crapping in our diapers again, being taken care of. :)
I don’t know – I just came up with that theory…

On a separate subject, I hate school buses. They are the most annoying vehicles on the road, well, besides from taxis and that asshole behind me this morning riding my ass and flashing his brights - I was going 75 by the way and there was a car in front of me preventing me from going any faster, and therefore, the asshole behind me as well...so I slowed down to about 55 until he probably almost blew a blood vessel he was so pissed and finally passed me....but I digress...
School buses..oh yes...
The problem is that it's not like ONE school bus you see, it's always like 15, and you get stuck behind all of them, puttering along at like 10 miles an hour - this only happens of course when you are either A) in a hurry or 2) listening to some really great upbeat good mood setting song that you just wanna haul ass too....it NEVER happens when you are calm and relaxed and just moseying along without a care in the world listenning to Billie Holiday or Nina Simone or something along those lines...Oh no.....never.

Oh here's some news...
This dude at work and I both live downtown and we are going to ride our bikes to work tomorrow. For those of you who don't know the geography of Atlanta, let me explain...My work is 23 miles from my house - now really, this isn't a very long ride, and we will only actually be riding about 9-10 miles of this as MARTA (metro atlanta rail transit authority) only actually travels as far North as the North Springs station which is only JUST OTP (outside the perimeter). The part that worries me however, is NOT the distance, but the traffic and rkads we will encounter upon the way - I drove the road we will be on last week just to see exactly how far it is and to check out the terrain and hills and such, and the cars FLY on those back roads in the morning, so I am a bit nervous about that - I will wear a helmet of course - but how much can a helmet protect you if you are flailing thru the air at mock speed? Hopefully, I will live to tell about it tomorrow....

Wish me luck!

Monday, October 02, 2006

An amusing email convo....

This is an email conversation that just happened between me and my friend Spanky....

Spanky: I'm in for Halloween weekend!!
Me: YAY! Start planning your costume!
Spanky: i already have it. going as a Atlantic Shores pool boy. BUCK!
Me: OMG! Are you going to wear a banana hammock? Neon? I am so scared.. :)
Spanky: yes. i have to get the zits lazered off my ass now.
Me: Gross! You got bimples? EEEEEEWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!
Spanky: big ones
Spanky: juicy
Me: I am a very visual person and I am so grossed right now! STOP IT!!!
Spanky: whatever, my ass is tight.
Me: Yer ass is tight.
Spanky: Yes, Steve told me it was.
Me: That cheater! He told me my ass was tight too!

Me & Spanky: