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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Re-occurances in life and other such random events

Atlanta, Georgia, Virginia Highlands, 10:47pm
(interior: Emily is sipping on a delicious glass of yellowtail's shiraz/grenache blend while also partaking in some herbal refreshment and watching cartoons...)

At about 10:45 EST last night I get a text message from an unknown number...i assume it is this guy Ben from yahoo personals that I have been chatting on instant messenger with on and off for a month or so, i had given him my # a couple nights ago but he hadn't used it yet and so I figured this was him...there is no indication in these messages that it was anyone else, so why would i assume differently, right?

Read on...

ME: ' Yes? I'm Ron Burgandy? '
UNKNOWN TEXTER:' Great. Just who i was looking 4! '
ME:' O really? well u found her hiding here... '
UNKNOWN TEXTER:' Hiding where? '
ME:' Hiding down here silly! here on "le couch" watching "le tv"! where r u hiding? '
UNKNOWN TEXTER:' "le same" as u silly. U been ok? '
ME:' Yea- been ok i guess- nothing riveting really - u? its been awhile since we chatted-what r u watching? '
ME:' Was Family Guy - now Futurama. South Park earlier-So funny! '

......about 5 minutes go by.....
(interior: 11:29pm: kitchen: I am cutting up some pepperjack cheese to satisfy my munchies..then the phone rings...it is from the same # that has been texting me for the past almost hour...i think to myself, so i really want to answer? ah, what the hell...)

Hey what's goin on?
ME:Not to much whats goin on with you?
ME:Is this Ben?
Who's Ben? This is Mark...
ME:Mark? Mark L***?
(in my head I am going what the hell? why? huh? confusion sets in...)
Who's Ben?
ME:Oh, never mind, how are you...etc...etc...blah blah blah..

So if you have been following along with the saga that is my life, "Mark" is ML from posts approx a yr ago... maybe this will jog your memory the one I was "in love with" last summer about this same time.. we were really great friends, I told him I liked him and he blew me off and ran like a little bitch and I haven't spoken to him since then....

We talked for a bit, laughed and joked and played catch up on our lives, he invited me to a show of his band Fernando next Tuesday at some place called Fuzzy's Joint, but as soon as we hung up the phone I thought about calling back and saying - hey buddy - what the hell? u and I were pretty close friends and u dropped off the face of the earth - why did u treat me like that? NOT COOL. but of course I was so shocked that he had called I didn't have time to collect my thoughts AND play it cool while I was on the phone! U understand, right? I thought u would, u always understand. Anywho-I will defintely confront this issue if he calls again, which he will....
they always do.....


o look its time to go home now! weeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

Monday, July 18, 2005

Downtown Rox

Whats up my peeps? This weekend was quite busy for me. Let's see, I bought a car, I moved, I saw Weezer at downtown rocks - a free concert in underground atlanta, unpacked some, went to a bbq and saw some friends play at Blind Willies. I also somehow managed to squeeze in a 3 hr nap on Sunday. Nice. I can't believe it either. So I have decided that I am either too old, too impatient or too something for free concerts. The event was sponsered by a radio station here 99x that caters to 15 yr olds. And that was who was at the concert Sat nite. A bunch of sweaty teenagers invading my personal area. ugh. I think I would just prefer to stand in the back - I can hear just as well and I don't have to breathe in your sweaty pits because I am only 5'6". Well, 15 yr olds people like this gem I snapped a photo of with my camera phone(that incidentally sux if u coulnd't tell) Check out this shorty longback....

and earlier we had seen a kentucky waterfall on a woman at the Island Oasis in Kenneys Alley at Underground. Don't know what a kentucky waterfall is? Click it and be knowledgified. Word.

Friday, July 15, 2005

Car Kunundrums!

ALOT going on in my world these days. As you know, I have been looking to buy a new car and the search has been frustrting to say the least - since first of all - I don't want a new car - I want my old car before June 15th...but I have no dolorian, flux capicitor, or a crazy doc brown running around telling me about the space-time continuem and how I might screw it all up if I go around messing with it...but I digress... So I have been half-ass searching for a car - looking on craiglist for what ever is out there. I have been all over the place in my head with what kind of car I want - there is of course the deep burning (i should get that looked at) desire to recreate the car I had - so of course at first I had only eyes for bmw's... 1995 white with perfect blk leather interior 319i sunroof and cd player automatic bmw's....but I realized that I probably have a better chance winning the lottery than finding the same deal - great price perfect car again. (sigh) So then I "broadened" my horizons to all bmw's..(whoa big step em, yeah I know -shutup) but soon came to the obvious realization that these are expensive cars. Then you go through the "while-you-drive-anywhere-shopping-game" and came to the realzation that I have expensive taste (when did I become such a brat?) I'm looking at Audi A4's Saab S60's and Volvo S60's - yeah keep dreamin babe. Then I go to look it up online and realzie damn - these are way expensive cars. NO can do. So then I go the practical approach - I decide to settle for a honda or acura or something like that. Now don't get me wrong - these are great cars - but once you've had the best (a bmw IS the ULTIMATE driving experience) and I don't care who you are once you've had one it's hard to go back to the civilians.... SO I am looking at honda accords and civics and while they look pretty nice on the outside, i can't stand the inside - they just look cheap and plasticy to me. SO truly I have no clue what kind of car I want - I've looked at the toyota prius, the scion tc, the honda civic hybrid, I even toyed around with the idea of getting another jeep (no emily, bad emily), i thought about a ford focus or a saturn ion (both rental cars i have driven in the past 6 months of car tradgedies that have become my life). Everyone has their suggesstion of what kind of car that you should get - and it is inevitably always the car they happen to be driving - then someone suggested a jeep cherokee and told me about the longevity of it - basically sold me on the idea of how nice it would be to have all that room to throw my bike, kayak, coolers, what-have-u in the back. So lo and behold..I found my car which I am purchasing today! It is a 2002 Toyota 4 runner SR5 and it is immaculate! I will post pictures later when I have - oh wait - it think...yes I found them online still. Beautiful isn't she?

I am also moving this weekend. I decided on Wednesday that I would move this weekend instead of waiting until the end of the month. I have managed to round up some stongs mens and some suv's for Saturday so we can move the heavy stuff that I don't want to carry. That's what men are good for. Moving my shit around. yeah c'mon!
Thanks boys!

More to come...must work...been bloggin for way too long this morning...

Monday, July 11, 2005


Outside the clouds are swirling to the west and I know this means Hurricane Dennis is here. So I got to thinking last night about all the stresses I have been dealing with lately and it got to be a bit overwhelming. Let me list in no particular order.
1. My car was totalled.
2. Good friend moved back to Denmark for good a week ago.
3. I am moving in a couple of weeks.
4. The boy situation is completely upsetting, frustrating, unresolved and annoying.
5. The damn car I am driving leaks on me when it rains and I FUCKING HATE THAT.
So I have had alot of anger in me lately. Most of my friends have noticed and I have too. There is a girl who is my friend here at work who can be a bit overwheleming sometimes and I can't always take her loud shenannigans first thing early in the morning. I just need a little time to acclimate to full potential. A little quiet time in the morning before I have coffee to sit down, write in this blog (therapeutic i think) and collect my thoughts for the day. Is this too much to ask? I can hear her from here (my desk is in the very back and there are many walls and corners between the front door and me), she is just so fucking loud sometimes! I think I might be turning into one of those non-sexual people. What I mean is I have been feeling so numb lately in relation to boys in general. Sure, I see a cute one and acknowledge that he is good looking, but that's about as far as it goes. I have no desire for anything right now. I think it is because of my relationship (or lack thereof) with RAS. I don't want to talk about it to anyone, but everyone keeps asking, "so what's going on with you and R__?" - NOTHING LEAVE ME ALONE. STOP ASKING ME. I DON'T CARE.

I am sure that this gloomy-grey-looks-like-it's-5-am-all-damn-day-long attributes to it some too. I watched Sideways for the 2nd time last night. I love the scene where he and Maya are on the porch talking about what they love about wine. They are just so passionate and knowledgeable about it and I love how it relates to life, relationships and each of their individual personalities. It also made me realize it was time for a road trip with one of my soulmates KB5. She lives in Santa Cruz and we went on a fabulous road trip last year that was just so rejuvinating and relaxing and soul-searching and self realizing. I need this again. So I texted her that we should drive up (or down) the coast stopping at a bunch of wineries and drink until we're drunk and then get a hotel, or camp out and pass out and do that over and over and over again. Doesn't that sound like a fabulous trip? I think so to.
Last year when we went on our road trip it went like this: I flew into Denver and we went rafting in Fot Collins, camping in Aspen, hiking at Maroon Bells, drinking in Vegas, camping right outsideof Yosemite, hiking and biking inside Yosemite where I somehow scored us some free ice cream b/c we were out of cash money, where we ended it that evening sitting on the beach in Santa Cruz drinking a beer. This all happened in the time span of flying into Denver on Saturday and on the beach in Santa Cruz Wednesday eve. It was fantastic. The wide open spaces, the miles upon miles flying by in what seemed like no time at all, beautiful rock walls and tunnels through arizona and awesome rock formations in the distance in utah, the windmills over the hills and through the sierra nevada. I need the open road once again to rejuvinate my soul! Northern California here I come!