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Friday, July 15, 2005

Car Kunundrums!

ALOT going on in my world these days. As you know, I have been looking to buy a new car and the search has been frustrting to say the least - since first of all - I don't want a new car - I want my old car before June 15th...but I have no dolorian, flux capicitor, or a crazy doc brown running around telling me about the space-time continuem and how I might screw it all up if I go around messing with it...but I digress... So I have been half-ass searching for a car - looking on craiglist for what ever is out there. I have been all over the place in my head with what kind of car I want - there is of course the deep burning (i should get that looked at) desire to recreate the car I had - so of course at first I had only eyes for bmw's... 1995 white with perfect blk leather interior 319i sunroof and cd player automatic bmw's....but I realized that I probably have a better chance winning the lottery than finding the same deal - great price perfect car again. (sigh) So then I "broadened" my horizons to all bmw's..(whoa big step em, yeah I know -shutup) but soon came to the obvious realization that these are expensive cars. Then you go through the "while-you-drive-anywhere-shopping-game" and came to the realzation that I have expensive taste (when did I become such a brat?) I'm looking at Audi A4's Saab S60's and Volvo S60's - yeah keep dreamin babe. Then I go to look it up online and realzie damn - these are way expensive cars. NO can do. So then I go the practical approach - I decide to settle for a honda or acura or something like that. Now don't get me wrong - these are great cars - but once you've had the best (a bmw IS the ULTIMATE driving experience) and I don't care who you are once you've had one it's hard to go back to the civilians.... SO I am looking at honda accords and civics and while they look pretty nice on the outside, i can't stand the inside - they just look cheap and plasticy to me. SO truly I have no clue what kind of car I want - I've looked at the toyota prius, the scion tc, the honda civic hybrid, I even toyed around with the idea of getting another jeep (no emily, bad emily), i thought about a ford focus or a saturn ion (both rental cars i have driven in the past 6 months of car tradgedies that have become my life). Everyone has their suggesstion of what kind of car that you should get - and it is inevitably always the car they happen to be driving - then someone suggested a jeep cherokee and told me about the longevity of it - basically sold me on the idea of how nice it would be to have all that room to throw my bike, kayak, coolers, what-have-u in the back. So lo and behold..I found my car which I am purchasing today! It is a 2002 Toyota 4 runner SR5 and it is immaculate! I will post pictures later when I have - oh wait - it think...yes I found them online still. Beautiful isn't she?

I am also moving this weekend. I decided on Wednesday that I would move this weekend instead of waiting until the end of the month. I have managed to round up some stongs mens and some suv's for Saturday so we can move the heavy stuff that I don't want to carry. That's what men are good for. Moving my shit around. yeah c'mon!
Thanks boys!

More to come...must work...been bloggin for way too long this morning...


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