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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Have U Seen Me?

Excellent. I got an EXCELLENT shot of Spandex man yesterday on the way to look at a duplex on the corner of cracktown and 40 blvd. I should have taken a photo of the house. Actually, I do have a photo of the outside of the building, but the condition of the building was secondary to the people milling about the street outside. I had a good idea when the guy told me where it was that it probably wasn't all the great of an area, but I figured it might be down the street a bit and off the beaten path of the main road. For those of you who know the area, it was past Little 5 Points, down Moreland, turn left a the Church's Chicken and it was right there on the left. A duplex 2 bed 1 bat on top and bottom. $1000 for the whole damn thing. It sounded like a pretty sweet deal. My neighbbor & I are trying to move somewhere close so we can still be neighbors but we both still want our own place - kapeesh? So this sounded like the perfect situation....until we pulled up and saw the woman with no teeth clutching a brown paper bag with who knows what in it, sauntering by. Nice. I wanted to just pull away without even seeing the inside, but Nancy J insisted we take a peek. The place was a good size, but no central air and not even any a/c units - we would have to purchase them ourselves. (yeah right) So needless to say, that was a bust. But then I called a friend of mine who I had just remembered has various properties and rents them - he told us of this 4 bedroom, 3 bath whole house over in Grant Park - so we shimmied on over to that part of town to check it out...
This house was HUGE - hardwood floors, high ceilings, a fireplace in everyroom, a nice little front porch, quiet neighborhood, but safe and walking distance to the park for $1300 - a whole friggin house - that would be $650 each for the 2 of us. It was so big that even if we didn't want to see each other, we wouldn't have to. Perfect. We were only able to peep in thru the windows so we are scheduled to see the inside next week. Can't wait to move! My apartment is getting smaller and smaller every day...ugh. But we want to stay in the highlands is the only problem - but we still have plenty of time to decide since we can't move until August anyways. Oh well, only time will tell. Anyways, on with the photos!

Here is the close up version. a MUCH better photo than before. I was equipped with my camera this time - last time it was the camera phone.

This is the tee shirt I am getting made at CafePress! Awesome isn't it? Would u like to order one?


Anonymous Nick said...

Hey, sorry to post an unrelated comment, but I saw a post of yours elsewhere and I was not sure if you would see my response which I copy below:

Hey, I was and am a huge fan a Donkey and I used to go to alot of shows and hang out with them. Did they really play that day? I was in contact with some of them around September of 2002 and there were no plans to reunite; Ferster was in New Jersey and Barrie was playing with Cigar Store Indians.

Please let me know if they played in November!
e n d y m i o n [at] a o l . c o m [no spaces, of course]

Anyway here are two old articles about them from 95/6 from the UT Knoxville student paper:

Here are afew more:

A Google Cache of an Athens Online Artice:

9:53 PM


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