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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Traffic and Freaks

On my way to work every day, this is what I have to deal with for the last quarter of a mile before I get off my exit.

SOMETIMES, it is backed up like this for 5 miles. If I leave at 7 am or even a few mnintes before hand then I typically can get to work within 25-35 minutes. NOt too bad. If I leave at 7:15 - 35-45 minutes, and if I leave anytime after 7:30 it takes about an hour. THEN in the last quarter mile of the commute I deal with THESE assholes trying to merge into my lane.

As soon as I get off my exit though, it is smooth sailing.

I also wanted to blog about the Inman Park Festival I went to this weekend. Saw some great art and people. There was a Baton Bob sighting, but I couldn't whip out my trusty camera fast enough and I was too lazy to go chasing him around. He flits and twirls and scurries all over the place. Too fast for the likes of me. Plus, as I said, too lazy. The parade is on Saturday and it features local businesses around town like Dad's garage (improv comedy theater - fun!) although I am partial to Whole World Theater where Lance Krall got his start. Lance was HILARIOUS on stage. I haven't had the chance to check out the show yet (since cable would be a requirement), but I noticed on the commercial I caught on a friends tv- he has got a few of his buddies with him from Whole World - Sara Baker & Phil Cater and they are also hilarious. But I am getting off topic here. See , I wanted to tell you about "pumpkin" This guy was in the parade and he was awesome. See for yourselves:

Then after walking around a bit, I happened upon this fantastic booth with all these beautiful wood sculptures. This one inparticular that hid in the corner caught my eye...

I HAD to buy it.

As you can see why. It was only $10! I had to get it for my friend. She would die laughing and I couldn't wait to see the look on her face when I presented it to her! That's the only reason I got it! The look was worth it for sure :)


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