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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Baton Bob & future Jerry Springer guests

Let me start by posing this question. If the girl you are "dating" (u are a boy in this scenario by the way) has a crystal meth habit that she has been lying about for some time now, has already been in rehab for it, and one drama filled evening that includes her trashing her own apartment throwing shit at you, ends up breaking your finger somehow, and when u call the police she makes up some shit about you hitting her so they haul you BOTH off to jail... Do you dump her ass? SHOULD you dump her ass? I say HELL YES. Run as fast as you can away from the drama and destruction that ruins not only that persons life but everyone around them too. (if you don't believe me, just read this blog post) But then, perhaps I am biased. Geez! I told him there was an opening on the next Jerry Springer show titled: "Crack head girlfriends and the men that are entangled in their web of lies!" He didn't find me near as amusing as I did. I on the other hand think I am hilarious!

But what I wanted to blog about is Baton Bob.
He is another Atlanta icon that I have only just learned about. I saw him for the 1st time this past weekend at the Atlanta Dogwood Festival at Piedmont Park. This festival is the 1st of many throughout the summer here in my favorite little big city. You know it is spring in Atlanta when everything outside is covered in a greenish yellow powdery hue and no one can breathe quite right until the first big rain washes away all the pollen. Example: According to the Atlanta Allergy & Asthma clinic, a "high" pollen count is 61-120 and a "very high" pollen count is anything OVER 120. Today, April 13th the pollen count in Atlanta it is 3558! You get my point.
But I get off on tangents sometimes as you see.
Back to Baton Bob.
I first glimpsed him this past weekend wearing a wedding dress, twirling his baton, blowing a whistle (ala rave style) and dancing and twirling around as if everyone there was there to see him. I could hgave sworn he was roller skaing, but upon further scrutiny of the pictures I took, he in fact was NOT roller skating. Although I wouldn't doubt its been done. Apparently he is often spotted in midtown (surprise?) twirling away his baton in a tu-tu and majorette marching boots. Why? Who knows. But I sure I hope I have a camera on me to catch the next sighting!


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I, for one, think you're hilarious. :-)

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