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Monday, April 04, 2005

Transvestite Yard Sale

So I am out yard saling with my friend D yesterday and we get to this one estate sale and walk up to the plethura of crap for sale and out walks a woman...then it speaks and it isn't a woman so much as it is a man in women's clothing. After all, we are on a street of of Cheshire Bridge in Atlanta. I was disturbed. Then my friend wants to go inside to see the rest of the stuff INSIDE the house. I tell u, I do not want to go into this house. I am getting creepy weirdo vibes all over the place. Very "lotion in the basket" feel to this house. So we go in and its relatively "normal" inside. There are a few bizarre paintings on the wall and I just feel as if these walls had seen more than it could handle. I could just imagine the late nite parties with transvestites and cracked out people milling about his tiny kitchen, doing lines of crystal meth off the formica countertops. Just an overall creepy vibe. In the living room was your typical couch, tv set up, but at one end of the couch was a huge mirror that kind of angled down towards the bottom spanning half the living room with some lacy fabric draped over the top. My imagination took over envisioning the strange "person" lying around in lingerie watching tv, but also watching her/him self in the oversized mirror. EW! Get me outta here! I didn't want to touch anything in the house. So we left and now I have haunting memories of a life I never want to know about.


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