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Friday, March 11, 2005


A couple of things...
First of all, I woke up at 3am Wednesday morning with an inflamed uvula. (see pic) I could barely breathe and I was sure that if I fell asleep I would choke to death in my sleep. I could nbarely swallow! I actually think I woke myself up b/c I was having breathing trouble. It was terrible!

>>FF to Thursday morning: I get up to feed Bubba the Fish and I gasped a little when i looked in his bowl - I thought he was floating. But no, it was not him who was floating...it was an uninvited visitor! (see pic) EEEEWWWWW!!!!!!

Freakin out yo.

Fortunately there were no unpleasant surprises this morning. We'll see how the weekend goes it... ciao~


Blogger Chox said...

OMG...my uvula used to do that. It was because of horribly severe sleep apnea. What is happening is it's blocking your airway, and you keep trying to swallow it all night long, which is why it was so inflamed. I've gagged on my uvula before...trust me. It's horrible.

Sleep apnea can be dangerous, and at the very least prevents you from sleeping well. If you're tired all the time, wake up with headaches, or have trouble concentrating...sleep apnea may be the culprit. Get that checked out.

Oh, and I would have your babies if you had a penis and I had a uterus.

I love that word, "uterus"

enough ADD...bye

6:10 PM


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