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Monday, March 28, 2005

Ain't nuthin like some travelin to alter your perspective...sure is good to be back home again in georgia!

Since the TWO people who read this have recently given me shit about not blogging lately, I am going to try and make a valiant effort to blog more often. HAPPY MS & SF??!!! :)

The main reason I haven't blogged lately is b/c I have been dealing with my car accident dealio for almost 2 months now. Here's where I am now. The jeep is in fine condition, running like a champ, and I am looking for a good home for her. Any buyers out there? I also recently purchased a BMW and am absolutely LOVING it. I never really saw myself as a BMW type person b/c it seems like it so pretentious. But since I'm not, who cares! It is super sweet to have a vehicle that doesn't leak on my left toe every time it rains, whose passenger door opens from not only the inside, but the outside as well (a novel idea!) and a vehicle that doesn't suck gas like a 2 dollar whore. However, I do miss being up above everyone and eye level with the truckers while I barrel down the road intimidating miata's that try to get over without looking first. (insert evil laughter here)

Oh yes, and I recently returned from a fabulous trip to Colorado to shred up the mtn and to visit ol chums. I spent 2 fantastic (and too short) days on Vail. It was grand. My first run was a black diamond (single black diamond, got a take it easy u know) called First Step. I plummeted off the main trail and headed stright for the fresh pow in the trees screaming "weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" all the way down all day long until my legs felt like wet noodles, then 3 o'clock rolls around when it is time to get a good seat at the bar before the lifts close. I saddled up to the Red Lion in Vail Village and prceeded to consume one after another of New Belgium's finest 1554 black ale. Yummm, I sure wish I had more now.
So lets see, 4 or 5 beers combined with thin air, a fantastic long hard day of snowboarding, 3 or 4 shots of jager and a pu-tang shot bought by the friendly bartender from Boston (NOT jersey like I called him all nite...oops! He liked the attention.) - not to mention his cute roomate I was flirting with (named TIM no less...p.s. tim = ex), and lets not forget ...um....what was his name? Well, whoever, the german boy who kept asking us to save him from the "octupus" girl who wouldn't keep her hands off him, until we finally drug him out of the bar to another favorite spot, the tap room where he taught me how to say mean things in german. DU BE LUGST MISH! FIC TISH! Okay, I have no idea how to spell that correctly, but I know what it means and I know how to pronounce it. Watch out Germany!
Oh and I almost forgot about Hot Carl! Well, his name was Carl, but I of course was calling him "hot carl" all nite...not to mention the next morning.....when I saw him walk out of my friends room! What were YOU thinking? What kind of girl do u think I am?! ;)

Saturday morning came 'round (luckily I was still programmed on east coast time) and I awoke at 7 am MST, shuffled around till I had some coffee, watched a little MotorMouth, and finally got dressed for my 2nd and final day of my short snowboarding season '05. I was determined to find the park and go off some jumps. The day promised to be beautiful, sunny, 40 degree spring "skiing" LOVIN IT! Hot Carl gave me a ride to the mtn and I spent the whole entire day riding in the park..going over the hits lowly at first, then getting bigger and mroe air each time, finally by the end of the day I was landing every jump superbly, catching 5 feet of air and having the time of my life. Nince inch nails, red hot chili peppers and u2 kept me soaring as I sped towards the next jump with a look of determination and excitement and overall JOY at being where I was and doing so well! Too bad no one I knew was around to take a video, that would have been nice...next year perhaps..
Man oh man, just thinking about it now takes me back! Oh if only I had a dolorian!

However, even tho I do miss the mtns, I was incredibly happy to be back home in my little city of Atlanta. I DO NOT miss FOrt Collins AT ALL. It's a nice little town, but even spending 3 days there makes me appreciate and love that I don't live there anymore. Althought the $6.75 pitchers were nice...and all the yummy microbrews...not to mention the sweet leaf aroma in the air ;)
I did get to spend some quality time with my cousin and learned a few things about my family I never knew....always nice to get the family gossip!

There is something so nice and freeing about being out of town that makes you so much more open to new experiences, confident in who u truly are and in general just puts a nice new perspective on life. Combined with beer, it will apparently also make you get up and sing karoke....

I will tell u that when I arrived on Thursday, march 17th, I was devastated, hurt, confused, natious, upset and just in a bad place b/c of some events that had happened the previous nite (ala Jerry Springer) but after my trip I feel revjuvinated and slightly renewed. It is good to be back home in Atlanta where I love my job, my friends and my family...who let me sit on the internet plunking away while I eat their food and use their laundry detergent... Gotta love family!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I will say, for now and in perpetuity, across the world and the known universe, that I did not need to know what a "Hot Carl" was.

11:33 AM

Blogger Chox said...

Here in San Francisco we have a hotel called Hotel Carlton. A few months ago, I walked past it, and the "el" and "ton" parts of the sign were out, so it just said HOT CARL over Sutter Street in big blazing neon. I snickered to myself for at least 6 blocks.

2:47 AM


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