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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Fushia Poop

Did u know that if you eat a significant amount of beets your poo turns bright fushia? I did not know this until VERY recently. I thought there was something wrong when I turned to examine my accomplishment. But apparently fresh beets will make this happen. I typically eat canned beets, and this has never happened before, but I catered a party last Saturday and took home some leftover roasted beets and turnips which is why I am blogging today. I know this isn't riveting information, but I thought it would amuse me to blog about it. And if we can't amuse ourselves, then what do we have?
All day I have been translating an installation manual into French listenning to the "hard rockin 80's" station on iTunes. Rockin like Dokken - DreamWarriors! So super schweet! Gotta go...more work...l8r~!


Blogger Chox said...

Beet poop is SO scary. I thought my colon had ruptured or something.

9:42 PM

Anonymous Brent Bonet said...

What is it with you and this blog? If it ain't gettin' laid it's poop! I think my new nickname for you is Uvula Poop.



10:15 AM


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