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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

The Secret of 906 Archibald

It was a cool evening outside Braircliff Mansion. Nancy J & Emily Drew were just recapping the previous evenings events that led up to now. Nancy J had arrived home late the previous evening to her garden level terrace and nothing was out of the ordinary. When she awoke the next morning at 7, she went outside and discovered outside on her terrace a stack of books, some hanging clothes and an address book. Emily Drew came over to inspect the clues and to try and determine the cause of these items left on her porch. Upon further investigation of the address book, they found 1 Atlanta phone number on a notecard that was rubberbanded to the top of the address book. Inside the address book read "Property of: M. Archibald" Emily Drew determined that the writing was someone elder and Nancy J concurred. Nancy J decided to search the book for an address nearby. She immediately opened it to 906 Briarcliff. The address matched the name of the Atlanta phone number! This was no coincidence. Nancy J dialed the number... Voice message. They decided to dig deeper. One theory was that a homeless person had been sleeping on the porch. This seemed odd though, since the clothes were clean and in a dry cleaning bag. Also, in the shirt pocket of the one shirt in front was a receipt from a local restaurant for $68.00. The name on the receipt also had the last name of Archibald. This was no coincidence. And no homeless person can afford to eat at Dish! The 2 sleuths then decided to go check out the address while they waited for the return call... They began their walk down the street to a highly secure area behind Briarcliff Manison where the crazy people came & went at all hours of the day & night. This journey uncovered no new information so they turned back and decided to think on it some more. They hung the clothes on a nearby tree and placed the books and things into a grocery bag and waited.
a few hours later...

Matt called back and informed the girls that someone had broken into a car and the items left on Nancy J's terrace were some of the missing items from the thievery.
The mystery was solved!

Nancy J & Emily Drew strike again!

Be sure to tune in next week when we discover the truth behind Spandex Man!
"If there isn't a mystery to be solved, we'll just make one up!"



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