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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Freak the Jones

Isn't it lovely when you wake up the next morning after a nite of debauchery and there are no outgoing calls stored in your phone to any inappropriate someone's? I am so thankful for cell pohnes as they enable me to track and document every call I make. It's reassuring. I don't know what we all did before cell phones. If you happened to drunk dial people, you wouldn't find out until they told u. How embarressing! At least now we can be prepared. We can look at the phone call, see who it is we spoke to, what time it was when we called them AND how long the conversation was. For instance, one time when i drunk dialed someone I noticed that the call only lasted for about 15 seconds, so THAT was good, that means I probably only left message, or better yet, just hung up.
So needless to say I had a more difficult time peeling myself out of bed this morning and forcing myself into the shower.
I went out last nite and saw a band called Freak the Jones. Ever heard of 'em? Anyways, it was at 10 high (stumbling distance from my house) and stumble home I did...
Ugh, I feel like I fell out of a tree and landed in a big stinky pile of poo. Weeeeeeeeee! Or I'm still drunk. Not sure yet... Only time will tell. Guess it's cheeseburgers and coke for lunch for a nice greasy coating of the insides to make it all better. OH or Taco Smell! YUM! I want a bean burrito con sour cream, a cheesy gordita crunch and a meximelt. YeSSSSS! If you've never tried a cheesy gordita crunch, let me say that I HIGHLY recomend them. They are similar to the double decker taco but instead of beans inbetween the soft and hard tacos...its this delicious cheesy god-only-knows-what-its-made-of pink special sauce and it has extra cheese in the taco. I'm salivating, aren't you?

I've decided that I am going to try a new online personals thingy. Believe you me I had my doubts about this online dating service but now that I've met #26099, I'm chalking my walls in anticipation for the year 2015! I want you all to be as happy as I'm told I am.


Blogger Chox said...

I am so in love with you in a non-sexual way. Want to move to SF and be my Domestic Partner? We can smoke, talk about poo, and eat cheeseburgers.


10:40 PM


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