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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Saggy Lady with an afro

I have been taking a figure drawing and anatomy class for the past 5 weeks. So far, it has been interesting. I must say that I am unnaturally uncomfortable when it is a naked woman. The first week it was a woman who was young and curvy, and sort of pretty in the face. The 2nd week it was an older woman who is very saggy, has a weird shape, tall and not real ovcerweight or anything but definitely lumpy and saggy and did I mention the ENORMOUS AFRO protruding from her "anatomical center" ? OMG-COULD U PLEASE TAKE SOME SCISSORS TO THAT FOREST? IT NEEDS A GOOD WEED WHACKER TO TRIM ALL THAT! I am sorry, but this "mini-fro" stands about 2 inches high, almost as if she makes it do that for class. PLUS, she looks at you. She actually stares at you while u are trying to draw her. I can't stand it. It gives me the heebs. So I was beginning to wonder if I have reverted back to a 14 yr-old mentality. I can't help it tho. The third week it was a guy. Somehow, a naked man was so much easier for me to draw than saggy lady. I skiped week 4 (b/c of my b-day) and then last nite is week 5. SAGGY LADY IS BACK! UGH! I THOUGHT I HAD SEEN THE LAST OF HER - BUT NOOOOO, GROSS HAIRY AFRO BUSH WHACKER! In addition to her hideous presence, her facial expression is always that of misery. So call me immature, but after the teacher was finished explaining how to do model drawing with a graphite pencil and plastic eraser (which I do not have), I gave a feeble attempt to use a 9B (very soft pencil) but I couldn't deal with her staring at me and her huge hairy afro bush protruding - so after about 5 minutes - I packed up my stuff and walked out. I feel like I am throwing money away b/c I paid for this class, but I am sorry, I was just too uncomfortable. SHAVE YOUR BEAVER BITCH! For petes sake!


Blogger shoobie said...

hola! your blog is sweet. i too have pictures of schlong man on ponce...taken through candid cell phone captures. i almost had baton bob yesterday but my buddys phone was all full.

you should check out my blog, we write very very similar shit. plus the 420 thing.

i shall now blogroll you

11:04 AM

Blogger Chox said...

I want to interview schlong man.

And smoke 420. With all you muhfukkas.

10:43 PM


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