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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Re-occurances in life and other such random events

Atlanta, Georgia, Virginia Highlands, 10:47pm
(interior: Emily is sipping on a delicious glass of yellowtail's shiraz/grenache blend while also partaking in some herbal refreshment and watching cartoons...)

At about 10:45 EST last night I get a text message from an unknown number...i assume it is this guy Ben from yahoo personals that I have been chatting on instant messenger with on and off for a month or so, i had given him my # a couple nights ago but he hadn't used it yet and so I figured this was him...there is no indication in these messages that it was anyone else, so why would i assume differently, right?

Read on...

ME: ' Yes? I'm Ron Burgandy? '
UNKNOWN TEXTER:' Great. Just who i was looking 4! '
ME:' O really? well u found her hiding here... '
UNKNOWN TEXTER:' Hiding where? '
ME:' Hiding down here silly! here on "le couch" watching "le tv"! where r u hiding? '
UNKNOWN TEXTER:' "le same" as u silly. U been ok? '
ME:' Yea- been ok i guess- nothing riveting really - u? its been awhile since we chatted-what r u watching? '
ME:' Was Family Guy - now Futurama. South Park earlier-So funny! '

......about 5 minutes go by.....
(interior: 11:29pm: kitchen: I am cutting up some pepperjack cheese to satisfy my munchies..then the phone rings...it is from the same # that has been texting me for the past almost hour...i think to myself, so i really want to answer? ah, what the hell...)

Hey what's goin on?
ME:Not to much whats goin on with you?
ME:Is this Ben?
Who's Ben? This is Mark...
ME:Mark? Mark L***?
(in my head I am going what the hell? why? huh? confusion sets in...)
Who's Ben?
ME:Oh, never mind, how are you...etc...etc...blah blah blah..

So if you have been following along with the saga that is my life, "Mark" is ML from posts approx a yr ago... maybe this will jog your memory the one I was "in love with" last summer about this same time.. we were really great friends, I told him I liked him and he blew me off and ran like a little bitch and I haven't spoken to him since then....

We talked for a bit, laughed and joked and played catch up on our lives, he invited me to a show of his band Fernando next Tuesday at some place called Fuzzy's Joint, but as soon as we hung up the phone I thought about calling back and saying - hey buddy - what the hell? u and I were pretty close friends and u dropped off the face of the earth - why did u treat me like that? NOT COOL. but of course I was so shocked that he had called I didn't have time to collect my thoughts AND play it cool while I was on the phone! U understand, right? I thought u would, u always understand. Anywho-I will defintely confront this issue if he calls again, which he will....
they always do.....


o look its time to go home now! weeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!


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