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Monday, July 18, 2005

Downtown Rox

Whats up my peeps? This weekend was quite busy for me. Let's see, I bought a car, I moved, I saw Weezer at downtown rocks - a free concert in underground atlanta, unpacked some, went to a bbq and saw some friends play at Blind Willies. I also somehow managed to squeeze in a 3 hr nap on Sunday. Nice. I can't believe it either. So I have decided that I am either too old, too impatient or too something for free concerts. The event was sponsered by a radio station here 99x that caters to 15 yr olds. And that was who was at the concert Sat nite. A bunch of sweaty teenagers invading my personal area. ugh. I think I would just prefer to stand in the back - I can hear just as well and I don't have to breathe in your sweaty pits because I am only 5'6". Well, 15 yr olds people like this gem I snapped a photo of with my camera phone(that incidentally sux if u coulnd't tell) Check out this shorty longback....

and earlier we had seen a kentucky waterfall on a woman at the Island Oasis in Kenneys Alley at Underground. Don't know what a kentucky waterfall is? Click it and be knowledgified. Word.


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