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Thursday, December 08, 2005


I just can’t get a fucking head. My bank extracted TWELVE $31 fees out of my account last month due to insufficient funds. That’s like me taking $400 bucks and burning it. It doesn’t go to anyone but those greedy selfish bastards in corporate fucking America. I swear I would rather not use a bank at all – but I have too many electronic payments attached to it so its more of a pain in the ass than it seems to be worth. When I examined my account more closely, I realized that Capital One was sucking my 228 car payment out on the 2nd instead of the 17th like they were supposed to. So when I called Capital One to correct the situation, the dude on the phone said he took care of it. Well, here we are – one month later and WHEN did the money come out? ON THE SECOND, NOT THE 17th. SO I have to call back AGAIN. To top it off, I was looking at my credit car statement and I swear it said that my minimum payment due on the 4th of Dec was $25 – well, since I have no fucking money – I made the minimum payment on the 29th of Nov. – I look at my account today and I have a fucking $39 late fee b/c the minimum payment due wasn’t $25 – it was $58.91! WTF?! How can I misread something like that? I need a financial assistant to handle my money and finances – cuz I SUCK at it. I feel like I’ve had my hands tied for a month now and I can’t seem to get out of the red! I’m not even in debt all that much but it is so frustrating when I can’t afford to even buy xmas presents for anyone. I hate Bank of America.