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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Valentines Day Massacre

Wow. The trifecta of humanities lowest common denominator dined out this weekend... Bronner Brothers + Valentines Day amateurs + Saturday night typical crowd = 0-8% tip ratio. The bottom feeders were out in full effect. I mean, way to perpetuate the stereotype! Stiffing the people who were so sweet and nice to you, going out of their way to make sure you have every single fucking little tiny thing you need, all your refills, all your extra sauces, all your needs being met, running the shit out of your server and then "thanking" them with a $2.77 tip on a $93 check? What about the asshole military fuck that left ZERO on a $200 tab on Thursday? Even AFTER you asked your server to get you your 10% off military discount?! Thank goodness YOU made it back from your tour, and not someone else with an actual SOUL...

This is why your server would rather lose her job and get fired then have to deal with pieces of shit like these people anymore. There is a woman who works with us, who is the sweetest, most sincere, great at her job who is leaving the industry because she just can't take it anymore and she doesn't even have a back up job and I don't blame her one bit. 

Things have gotten out of hand. The hostesses can't seem to wrap their head around rotating seating, instead loading up one section at a time. Forget double seating, that's nothing, I'm talking about quadruple seating. How the FUCK am I supposed to give great service and individualized attention if you constantly and consistently FUCK us like that? And what is this shit about telling people there is a 15-20 minute wait, and let them go to the bar, order a drink, and then call them for their table 2 minutes later? LET THEM SIT FOR A FEW MINUTES! It makes your bartenders job harder because now he or she has to quickly, finish those drinks, process the payment and while several other patrons are needing his or her attention too. WHY CAN'T ANYONE BUT ME SEE THIS???

And why can't our hostesses bus a table? We have NO bussers from 3pm-6pm, yet we still have to tip them out 2% of all our sales. The dining room looks like a war zone, hostesses up front gabbing away about their life when they could be "following the bubble" and working as a team. If everyone would just do their part, then it would all flow a bit more smoothly.

It's all just so frustrating. And our "management" team....
Well, I'll save that for a later date...

Oh and these shoppers, who are these people who take pleasure in nit picking every little tiny detail that happens? The shoppers report from last Saturday detailed the fact that their bartender left the .09 cents change that was part of the tip in the cash drawer. WHY I ASK YOU, WHY DOES THIS MATTER???
Dear people who dine out at my restaurant on Saturday nights, I hate most of you. I try not too, but you all just make it impossible not too... and they wonder why people in the service industry drink?


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