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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

My room mate yelled at

My room mate yelled at me last night about her insecurities - or at least that's how I see it.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Key West

We ended up in KeyWest by the way...more on that at another time.
Let me just say that it was the best most fun vacation I have ever been on.
So much happened...and it was a beautiful drunken blissful dream...

i promise more, but not now...

too sleepy...

must rest....

The World is Getting Smaller Every Single Day

My friend's estranged brother was arrested in Thailand yesterday for the suspected murder of JonBenet Ramsey.

The World is Getting Smaller Every Single Day

My friend Katie used to play soccer with my roomate when they were 9 yrs old and haven't seen each other or talked since they were 9...until today when we discovered our 6 degrees of separation.

The World IS Getting Smaller Every Single Day.

Tomorrow I am being taken out to lunch by a very hott boy, but I am sure in his mind it is purely for work purposes, but I wish it were more...or I wish he would be a regular booty-call at the very least. Damn. Is that so much to ask? I thought it was going to be a regular one since the 1st one was like 5 yrs ago, and then the 2nd one was like 5 weeks ago and then the 3rd was 2 days later....and then.....and then....
Bueller? Bueller?


And they say women are hard to figure out - what is wrong with boys? They never get the hint, weather yer trying to blow them off, or entertain them for awhile. Subtlety never works. They gotta be beaten over the head with a 2x4 that has the message written on said 2x4 while you are shouting it at them in yer loudest drunken verbal diarrhea voice.

And that just scares them off.



My friend Spanky hasn't txted or called me or emailed me at all today - I feel like he has backed off for some strange unknown reason. Maybe I am just crazy and paranoid, probably. I guess I just want to spend more time with him b/c it is always balls to the wall so much fun - but not everyone can go like that all the time. I just really want to go out on the boat on Saturday. I hope its nice and I hope he is off work.

I have quite a full weekend tho...will report back how it actually went after the fact, but this is how i see it unfolding...
Tomorrow I am getting drunk with my roomate and we are going out in the highlands somewhere - yay! My favorite! Come home from work, take a nap, get up, start drinkin and get ready to go out, while continuing to drink for several hours, walk up the street around 11ish and stumble home later...perhaps we can hope for a booty call from hott boy mentioned above? But...it is unlikely since he said he wasn't feeling good earleir today....damn.
Saturday morning, wake up around 9:30 or 10ish - throw on a swim suit, grab a change of clothes and a cooler with a flask and some beer, drive to Acworth and get on a boat and tan and drink all day - later - get off the boat - drive to Holly Springs off 575 and go to my friend from high school's husbands birthday bash - if cool - stay - if not - leave after a few hours and go home to go out or pass out. Which ever one seems more appealing at the time.
Then Sunday, sleep in, recover, lounge, excercise, go to church, run errands, lounge - whatever I feel up to, then get up and go to the Allman Brothers concert that night. Sweet Melissa........


Keep yer fingers crossed for boat time for me on Saturday - otherwise - I got nothin to do during the day.