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Monday, January 29, 2007


Cool animation my friend Joe showed me.

Click here to view the screencast

Monday, January 15, 2007

My weekend...

Was so tired Friday I came straight home and napped…but then I woke up around 7 with newfound energy and decided to go out! So I met up with some friends at Eclipse de Sol for a few drinks, then to Pura Vida (a tapas & salsa - as in dancing - bar/restaurant) for their delicious Mojito's! (they also have delicious Sangria and margarita's as well!)
closed Limerick (again) – got up Saturday around 8:30 (I can’t sleep in to save my life – no matter how much I want to!) – dropped off a bunch of clothes & shoes that have been on my car for a week at the Samaritan House (cleaned my room and closet out finally!) Then I went to the grocery store, home and then kickboxing at 11 – after kickboxing, I drove to Decatur, it was a beautiful day so I had all my windows down and was rockin out in my car to Disturbed's version of Land of Confusion - Got my legs and bikini area waxed - not for any particular reason, but just for me - and let me tell you - IT HURT! I was home by 2 and watched tv for awhile drifting in and out of consciousness– I actually passed out on my couch around 8:30! But I woke up at 1:45 am and decided to turn on the boob tube (and I am glad I did) because It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia was on! I love this show! So I watched about 3 episodes and finally went back to sleep around 3. Got up early Sunday – went to church then rode my bike to Stn Mtn and threw Frisbee in the front lawn (24 miles RT from the farmers market!) went to Fellini’s (some of the best pizza in Atlanta if you ask me) for dinner (YUMO!) - I particularly am in love with their heaping bowl of salad with creamy italian dressing. But get this...I ran into someone I haven’t seen in 16 yrs (RANDOM! Small world!) From St. Pius! 9th grade! He informed me that one of my close friends (from back in the day) was currently in jail for double homocide! WTF?!!?!!?! ARE U KIDDING ME?

Turns out he was living in Laramie, Wyoming, just an hour from Fort Collins where I lived - small world huh? It get smaller...

Went home, finally put Christmas away (except for the pretty lights adorning our fabulous front porch - I think it looks like a ballroom from street level) - sat down with a nice bottle of Penfold's Shiraz/Cab blend that was recommended to me by a very nice and well educated employee at The Cook's Warehouse in Decatur - and what a delicious treat that was! I only had a glass and a half - so more is waiting for me when I get home tonight! YAY!

Tomorrow night is pottery class and then to the Red Light Cafe to see The Lazy Sundays, my friend Micheal Warner's band - if you are in the area, you should DEFINITELY go check them out.

Word to your mother.

Peace out~