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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Ramble on...

I am siting here at at the Lords of Java, sipping my tasty dark concoction,
enjoying the wafts of gyros & falafels from Ali Baba's which shares the patio on which I sit.
The woman I try so hard not to eavesdrop on happens to share my patio today. I like to call her "the talk artist" Today she is making something out of clay. Oh no, the silence has been broken by a curious 3rd party..his name is Chance...that's actually pretty hilarious... The reason I try so hard not to listen is because she loves to talk and once someone gets her started, well, let's just say, that person takes a chance.....get it?
Now Paul Revere has joined the small patio gathering and is offering his strange but entertaining opinion..I think he just loves to be involved somehow...
I just found out the guy we call Paul Revere is actually named Randy.

My phone vibrates in my pocket...Coffey just woke up.
He'll be here soon.

They've all dispersed and now it's back to the strange music drifting in from Ali Baba's and the comfortable silence between strangers..

Back to my warm dark creamy awakening nectar...

This place is interesting. The people are fascinating. I just love to sit back and listen..and watch.
Paul Revere just went behind the counter. I don't think he works here. All these people are just part of the parade of weirdos who frequent this strange little corner of my universe.

- - - - - - - -

So I have been diligently researching the top 20 country radio stations in the nation and who their Program Director's are, not just who they are, but anything I can find out about them so I can take notes and possibly from some sort of general idea of who they are and what I can write/say to them to get their attention. I've found that allbusiness.com is a great resource for interviews and information. I've been working with an artist named Steve Coffey who is an extremely talented and amazing songwriter. We've been working with Chris Griffin, of Griffin Mastering (he also works with Drivin' Cryin' on all their recording, mixing, mastering and sound) on a song that I am dedicated & determined to get radio play and turn it into the next big hit. Like I said, I've been doing alot of research and they are all saying the same thing:
his is not the time to play it safe!
Take chances!
Believe when no one else believes!
Big Bold Steps!

So, last week I sent out the song to A&R at Sugarhill Records, VP of promotion at Lyric Street Records, President at Big Machine Records, President at Plateau Music, and Program Directors at Kicks 101 Atlanta, 94.9 the Bull Atlanta, and WKDF 103 Nashville.
This week I sent out the song to the PD at Cumulus Radio, 99.5 the Wolf, the President at Columbia Nashville, Capitol Nashville, Mercury Nashville, and today I sent it out to PD's at WUSN Chicago, KEEY Minneapolis, and WXTU Philadelphia.

I've received responses from:
Sugarhill, Lyric, and Capitol so far...

Just the fact that I have received responses is amazing. I EXPECT great things. And I expect this song to get played on the radio and I expect it to top the charts!


The talk artist is annoying the shit out of me. I wish Paul revere would go back inside and stop encouraging her talking....


I will try and ignore..
Time do a little work now..