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Thursday, December 23, 2004

This week has already flown by! It is Thursday (my Friday) and I am looking forward to a 3 day weekend, followed by a 2 day work week, then another long 5 day weekend, including bringing in 2005! Let's review the past week...
Let's start at last Friday..
Christmas Gala at the Mulford's
Married folks sympathizing for the poor single girl (enter me) I hate that. I am perfectly fine and happy being single until these people give you that look of pity b/c you are not married. Ya know what? I would rather be single and sure than married and miserable. Not that these peeps were miserable, but I am not going to settle for the first Joe Shmo that comes along just b/c society makes it so unorthodox to be single after 23.
Fast Forward to Sunday.
Woke up and went down to the highlands for some Everybody's Pizza comfort cheese stix. Mmmmm. Then walked around for a bit, went into the CD corner store, listened to some cool dj style xmas music cd, explored every inch of the Metropolitan store (LOVE that store) and eventually went home.
After work last nite I went over to a girlfriend's house after work for some hord'vores (I pronounce "whore-da-vore's") and wine and laughter. It was fun. Girls I have known since we were all 13 and in 8th grade. They have known each other longer (since the womb) but I was a transplant from Indiana in 1988 so I joined in later. It was nice, but it was time for some R & R. Plus my pussies hadn't seen me in 2 whole days and I missed them.
Looking forward to the long weekend ahead and hoping to see RAS over the break. We'll see! Until next week, Merry Christmas & Happy Festivus!


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