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Monday, December 13, 2004

Fantastically Well

Every morning I come into work and head straight for the break room to make my cocoa and coffee concoction I have come to be addicted to. Since I am usually the first one here, or at least the first one motivated enough to make the coffee, I head to my desk while the coffe brews and turn on my computer. Then the vent above my desk kicks on. It is now a 32 below Colorado winter at my desk, and my desk only. Yipee f'ing ki-yay. So EVERY MORNING I get up and turn the damn thing up so it will turn off, but it rarely works. It is still on right now as I type and I just get more and more angry, b/c even if I kick it up to 80, it still is blowing frigid air! I can't figure out how to override the program it is on and it becomes increasingly more agitating...
Why does it seem like a good idea to go out on Sunday nite? Let me count the reasons...
A) $4.75 pitchers
2) I didn't go out Saturday nite, so I feel as if I may have missed out on something.
and 3) I haven't left my house all day so I was going mental.
Let me now recount the reasons it would have been more advantageous to stay in...
A) I would be much more well rested..
2) I wouldn't have spent any $$
And finally, I will state the reason I am glad I went out last nite:
A) It was a hoopin hollerin good time to be had by all, met some cool peeps, laughed my ass off, and I got a cool new hat!
Rewind to Friday nite..
Met up with RAS again for the 1st time in 8 yrs. It was wonderful.
There was definitely a connection there. And there was a comfort level that was easily revisted almost immediately. We have grown up seperately along the same path. There were many things we both noticed that were more than just coincidental. Our music tastes had both developed along the same line (this is VERY important to me...for instance, when I was dating BB, he had mentioned that he didn't like music with guitar in it! Who doesn't like that?!).

Anyways, things are looking up and I am elated!


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