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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Do you Snore?

Well, I do. It has never been a real problem until recently. It doesn't bother me...just anyone who sleeps anywhere near me, especailly my current boyfriend. But in my defense, he is a very light sleeper and he says it sometimes takes him HOURS to fall asleep, every night, even when I am not with him, in fact, I spend very few nights with him - if we do stay together - we sleep in separate rooms. So really, I think he's also got a problem.
Anyway, I opted to participate in a sleep study to see if I have sleep apnea.
So the past 2 nights I have slept at a clinic with about 20 wires coming out of my head and face, and about 7 electrodes stuck to my legs, chest & back. I still feel like I have a wire coming out of my forehead right now. The electrodes are stuck on with a sort of pastey adhesive - very gooey & gross. There are a number of different things they monitor such as airflow, pulse, heart rate & rhythm, body position, brain waves, eye movements, muscle tone & limb movements, and of course, snoring.
Let me explain how much stuff it is.
I had ECG electrodes stuck to my chest to monitor heart rate & rhythm, a belt around my chest and stomach to measure breathing movements,

a small device placed under my nose to measure airflow, a thimble like device on my finger to monitor my pulse,

5 electrodes on my scalp using the gooey paste to monitor brainwave activity, 2 electrodes on each leg to monitor leg movement,

small electrodes placed above and below each eye to detect REM stage sleep and a snore microphone taped to the front of my neck. On the second night, added to all that was a mask which filtered air is flowing that I had to breathe though my nose

All of these things are then plugged into a box that sits on the side of the bed, which you much carry with you to the bathroom if (God forbid) you have to get up and pee in the middle of the night.

What a PIA (pain in the ass).

So all in all it was quite miserable and I am SO GLAD it is over. I should find out in a few days what sort of treatment wil be prescribed for me. I hope to God there is some sort of surgery or something and I don't have to sleep with a friggin mask on every night. Cuz people, that mask is HOT. Makes me feel REAL sexy. SO basically I see it as this....
Single forever?
Find someone who also snores...
Only time will tell...


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