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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

All Bets are On Nowhere....

My friend BB just left for the airport with a girl he just met at the Black Crowes in Atlanta at the FOX tonight. They are either headed to San Juan or Las Vegas. Maybe Chicago. If they go to Chicago, they are definitely going to Jilly's. That place is the great. The Black Crowes were great too. (see pics)
I dropped my roomate off at the bar and my friend Stv decided to walk home form the Fox. He doesn't live THAT far - but it's at least 8 blocks I imagine... We kept squelching our way up front...it was fantastic. I also ran into an old roomate Gabe - but I was too distracted to make some bullshit small talk. I ran up to him and said hey! gabe! he said hey - remeber my friend len? i said yeah hey whats up? - then i was like, i gotta go - see ya! And that was it. Nice, huh?
Anyways, I am curious to see where these 2 people end up...

all my bets are on no where.


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