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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Post-it Car

I have been diligently working on all the promotional art, advertising and marketing for the Danish Film Festival that opens here in Atlanta at the High, Friday January 13th. It is quite a stressful time, but hopefully it will all be over soon!

I have wanted to blog so bad lately, but I just don't have much time these days. I usually blog in the mornings, but now since there is another girl here in my room with me, I have no quiet time as soon as I get to work, so it is frustrated. I need absolute quiet to cocentrate on the baffonery that leaps out of my mouth on this thing. In the evenings, I spend time with my roomate or boyfriend. Yes, that's right, she who seems to be ever single, has a boyfriend. We have been dating for 3 months now and I haven't broken up with him yet, so thats gotta be a good sign, right? Anyways, I get home between 5 and 7 (depending on how late I had to stay at work getting things to print on time like the Film Festival) and hang out with my roomate for a little while, or I go over to meet my boyfriend or he comes over and he hang or get dinner or watch a movie or what ever. This takes up all of my time. In between which I take out the trash, do laundry, cook dinner, go grocery shopping, change the kitty litter, clean up my room from the mornings escapade of trying to find an outfit that doesn't show my camel toe and my fat ass... etc...

Lately, that list has included, setting up the xmas tree and decorating the house,un-xmasing the house, etc..

But enough with my excuses...
Well, here's one more..
It has taken me 3 days to write this. I just keep returning to the saved draft!

But what I was so eager to show all of you wonderful peeps out there is what I saw on the way to work yesterday morning:

Isn't that the best thing you have ever seen!
It made my day!

Oh yeah, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my old roomie CORD!!!!


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