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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Does anyone remember the TI 99 4A?

I have been traveling back in time for the past couple of days. I went to my parents house and found this:

This is a sweet system, eh?
This was my first computer. I remember sitting there typing out all this junk like

100 FOR N=1 to 8
110 CALL HCHAR(N,1,24+N*8,32)
120 NEXT N
130 FOR N=1 TO 16
150 FOR DELAY=1 TO 300
180 NEXT N
190 END

and all this would change the foreground and background color.
...and it was the coolest thing EVER....in 1982 that is!

I also found a bunch of journals that included everything I had done that day down to the outfit I had on WITH shoes, the outfits my friends had on, the song that was playing on the way to the mall (because when I was 14 and 15 that's the only place me and my friends went to) - we would hang out, go to TILT - the video game store, then to Spencers Gifts and look at stuff, then to Turtles to look at CD's, then hang out in the food court, then go to the pay phones to call someone(yeah thats right, PRE-cell phone days), I found other stuff I kept up with like yearbooks from 5th & 6th grade, songs lyrics I had written out,

But as I stumbled upoon this gem from high school, my jaw dropped to the floor when I realzed what it was exactly. It was a list. Made in my senior year at some point before I turned 18. Are you ready for this? The list was of all the boys I had ever kissed or made out with and I put little stars next to the ones I had slept with!
When I realized exactly what it was, I kept saying, OMG, OMG, NO WAY.
Now don't think I was a dirty little hooker or anything - there were only like 2 people with stars by their names. But the reason I can pinpoint WHEN I had made the list is because I know one of the names on the list who doesn't have a star next to him, should; so the list would have had to been made before that star was "earned" so to speak.

It's funny what we keep, what we remember, who we don't.
Friends Forever,
Lylas, (Love ya like a sis)
I'll never forget you
Get Laid this summer
Party your ass off this summer, I know you will
C U Next Tuesday!

I can't remember MOST of those people. Sad isn't it?
But then again, I only knew them from 1st grade - 7th (1980-1987) and then never saw most of them ever again because we moved from Indiana to Georgia in 1988.

I will have to add some of my yearbook exerpts and photos to this entry to document this time period in my life. I will do this sometime this week.
For now, I am off to make crazy wild monkey love with my boyfriend -


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