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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Pacifier? Whatizit? and a good Penny Story!

The time is 6:32pm - EST.

I have a match.com date in about 1 hr so I gotta make this quick. (plz don't laugh - actually i don't care what u do - i can't hear you!)

So Sunday nite I am on my way home from my parental unit's house in Marietta and i get to the intersection of Ponce de Leon and N. Highland Ave. I am sitting there at the light rockin out to "Video Killed the Radio Star" (YES - I AM a child of the 80's - who cares!) in my car and lo & behold the strangest charachter is sauntering up the street towards me. He is a portly fellow about 50 yrs old give or take 5 yrs and he is wearing denim overall shorts and he has a pacifier in his mouth.
And THIS is why I love Atlanta!

As he walked by me - I thought to myself, MAN I wish I could get a shot of him!
Lucky me!
He turned around as if sensing my needs.
I screamed and promptly rolled my passsenger side only window up.
I instantly and instinctively grabbed my phone and pretended to be chatting on it. But what I was actually doing is pressing the correct sequence of buttons that allows me to take a picture! (oh how clever u are - i think to myself!)
He walked by my car, looking directly at me.
He proceeds to walk directly in front of my car towards the driver side window (which was still rolled all the way down with video killed the radio star pumpin at full volume) and I am thinking - oh no - is he going to try and talk to me? Yet I was intrigued as well...
He started to crosss the street, then turned back towards the sidewalk - then started walking back the way he was going originally - that's when I snapped the pic!
Unfortunately, he had already removed the pacy from his mouth, but you can see it hanging off his overalls, but I know its not a great shot. But its something!

On my way home this afternoon - I am sitting at the very interesting corner of Cheshire Bridge Rd/access to 85 & Piedmont. (if u live here - by the Taco Cabana)
And this gem of a creature is standing waiting for a bus or something. Is it a man? Is it a woman? WHO KNOWS? Your guess is as good as mine. But, what ever it was, it approached my passenger side window - b/c unlike last time - I had not thought so quickly to roll it up - this time Kelly Clarkson - Since You've Been Gone" (or as my special friend at work likes to sing: "Since You've Been John" :) is blasting... (go ahead laugh if u will - but I know u all have secret musical tastes stowed away with the other skeletens in the closet of yours! besides, its a good song and she has a great voice). It asks me for change. I have like 8 pennies sitting in my cup holders (for reasons I will explain here later: - PENNY STORY) - so I give She/he/it the pennies and then I feel bad so I dif in my purse and grab the rest of it and give it to the She/he/it.

Take a gander:


Monday at work we had a sales training meeting for our reps. After work, we went to dinner at the bosses house where they cooked us up a tasty beef tenderloin, scalloped potatoes served with some dee-lish-us Robert Mondavi Private Selection 2001 Pinot Noir (MMMM!). My special friend JPA & I somehow began the penny game. I slipped a penny into his pocket (i was attempting to be sly - to no avail) then he gave it back to me - this went back & forth a few times over the course of the evening. Slightly flirty I think ;)
Tuesday morning..
I planted said penny at his mouse on his desk.
Later that day...
He faxes me a copy of the penny...
Then, tapes the actual penny to my monitor while I am away from my desk.
I then take a screengrab (or picture if u will) of the penny taped to my monitor, email it to him, go in his office while he is away from his desk, and save it as the background on his desktop!

But... I still have the actual penny..

The day is over, I am leaving to go home, I walk to car, open the door... and..
He had lined up about 8 pennies all along the top of the driver side door frame so when I opened the door all the pennies seemed to drop out of nowhere!
Oh he got me GOOD! I was laughing my ass off.

I have put in the mail a certified letter, sent it to his HOME address and all that is in there is a single penny taped to the inside with the words: GOTCHA! haha! your turn!

I sent it from my house Wednesday morning so he should be receiving that letter this evening...
AND since I get in way before he does, I plan on taping a bunch of pennies to his wall that says GOTCHA - ot UP YOURS or something sweet like that..
I can't wait until tomorrow!

The time is now 7:04 pm EST - I must get ready.


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