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Thursday, August 18, 2005

No new drama, but I am worried about the evil gnomes living in our house...

So I decided that we needed a small size drink fridge for our front porch - you know for drinks and beer and such so we won't have to travel all the way to the actual fridge in the kitchen every time an icy cold adult beverage is required... So I found one on craigslist for $50. I walked up to the ATM machine in the highlands to retrieve the $50 for said fridge and apparently must have walked away without taking my receipt or card back. I got the $ - but forgot everything else. Now, I NEVER do things like this - STUPID things like leaving my card IN the ATM? It doesn't make sense. I realized it about 2 hrs later when i was digging my money out of my pocket to go pick up the fridge. I started FLIPPING out. No, I COULDN'T have left my card IN the ATM!? Could I? Wait, let's re-trace my steps...We (my roomie, her dog mocha & I) sauntered up to the ATM being obnoxious and talkin smack to one another about nothing inparticular - mainly how her punani stinks. :) And I got money out - and we walked back to our house. Surely I retrieved my ATM card? I mean - the machine would have beeped incessantly at me had I not - correct? Is my mind that pre-occupied to allow me to neglect such an important object? This is not good. This is not healthy. I need less distraction. So When I realized it HOURS later - I wigged out - drove up to the ATM - picked up my fridge - drove home - walked back up to the ATM looking along the ground the entire eay - HOPING it had just fallen out of my shorts and I would spot it in the moonlight. No such luck. I studied the ground some more on the way home - but to no avail. So I got home and brought the fridge up the front stairs (BY MYSELF - i would like to add) "strong like bull" and called to cancel the card. I can't believe what a moron I am - I kept cussing at myself and yelling about how stupid I am (to myself - my roomie wasn't there at the time) and I threw my phone on my bed (not hard) it sort of bounced off and landed on the floor- but not very hard at all - but when I retrieved it - the lcd screen had went black. I couldn't see anything. NOTHING. So now my stupid phone is broke. It SOMETIMES will make outgoing calls and sometimes receive them - but not 100% - so I have to go today to A) the bank to get an atm card for the time being and 2) verizon so I can get my phone fixed - which will porobably cost me some moola. yuck. I also have to get gas - at $2.60 a gallon thats another $40 sucked out of my funds! ARGH! STUPID IRANIANS!

Oh - has anyone ever seen that show called Entourage on HBO? It's directed or produced or maybe both by Mark Wahlberg (HOT) and stars one of the hottest hotties Adrian Grenier. Check it out if u haven't it's great. I just started getting it in my netflix and I am already totally addicted!

Oh yeah and I decided yesterday that when I go to Santa Cruz at the end of next month I am determined to see THE MUFFS live. ROCK!


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