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Monday, August 15, 2005

Fight Fire with FIRE

So I emailed RAS about the Destin trip our company goes on every year to re-invite him since we are talking again (long story - will tell later - maybe) Anyways, I emailed him and said
"I know it might be difficult for you to take off work and to get away from the psycho, but it would probably do you some good to get away and relax and I know we will have a great time."
So then a few hours later I receive an email back that is from his email address, but NOT from him. Continue reading: (and because red is the color of evil...also notice she spells the word "invite" wrong...DUMBASS BIATCH!)
"Thank you for the inite but I won't be able to go".....(Per Roy) You really shouldn't call people names... especially if you have no idea what you are talking about. (Per Roy- he can't go) I am answering for him... while answering all other e-mails to this address. Sounds like fun, hope you have a great time."
So I call him and say - do u know that Beth is answering your emails for you?
Of course he does not know. I explained how I called her a psycho - but that I thought it was addressed to him and for his eyes only - I was mistaken. AND what the hell is she doing checking your email? HOW does she have your password?

So, after I hang up....I wrote back this:

You really shouldn’t read things that don’t belong to you. You knew this was a personal email not addressed to you. I just spoke with Roy and he is not happy about you responding for him. You should let him speak for himself. And as far as “calling people names when I have no idea what I am talking about” – well, you just proved your crazy staus by responding for him. Please do not email me again. (per Emily)


I cc'd all 3 of his email addresses, along with his mother and father.
Don't F with me. I KNOW how to fight dirty you psycho bitch whore!
The end!


Anonymous Mark said...

Holy Fucking shit EM! WTF have you gotten yourself into? Keep us updated. This just became the best blog ever!


5:47 PM


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