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Friday, August 19, 2005

Dilemma's & Decisions with a dash of irritability and maybe perhaps a smidge of jealousy?

Butch Walker is playing a "secret show" tonite at the Loft. I have to go. I love him. BUT my bro came into town last nite from NJ and I will only get to spend time with him TONITE. ARGH! What to do, what to do...the decision SEEMS obvious, but, but, but BUTCH! UGH. Also, Homeroom is playing tonite at 10 High and my roomie wants me to go with her so she can flirt with the guitarist Kenneth. ARGH! WHY ALL ON THE SAME NITE?!

Also new in the Blue News....
There is a new girl here at work. I actually was asked to be part of the interview process - helping to determine her personality fit in the 2nd interview - to see if she would get along well here. Originally, I really liked her and thought she would fit in nicely. But the girl is 22 years old. She has a 2 yr old - and I thought this would make her a little more responsible and mature - but she's been here a total of 4 days (today will be her 5th) and the bitch is complaining about every little thing she has to do. Her PRIMARY responsibility is to answer the phones in a pleasant and professional manner, SECONDARY is to put together the binders full of all our product literature and send it out to the reps who request them, and TERTIARY is to help CR out with her daily duties which may include adding sales leads into ACT and other such tasks. Well, she comes in here yesterday at 8:45 (she's supposed to be here at 8:30 PROMPT to answer the damn phone - p.s - i HATE answering the phone) and is back here talking to me and my office roomie about who knows what i wasn't really listening - but the phone keeps ringing and I KEEP ANSWERING - she isn't even attempting to reach for it. Then it finally rings enough so that she makes the following comment with attitude, might I add: "uh - I guess I have to go answer the phone until CR gets here"


So to make a long story short, CR was telling me that she (lets call her tits magee), so tits magee I guess was bitching about doing the literature and kept asking to do things to help CR - which if she helps CR too much - CR won't have a job to do! Another thing that kind of grated on my nerves was that during my "intro to marketing" presentation I had to give to her and the other new guy from the warehouse - my boss was sitting in the corner undoubtedly listening to what I had to say - and tits magee says in the middle of it: "oh, so the shit you do is pretty easy then." FIRST OFF- NO, my job is not EASY - I love my job and therefore it may seems easy for me - but I got alot to keep track of and stay on top of - I got a alot of balls in the air. And what an insult to say to me! But the other thing about it is she's cussing in front of everyone already? Please. Grow up little girl. Oh yeah and she divulged some interesting info yesterday - she used to work at a club called Oasis - a strip club off of P'tree Industrial? She SAYS she was a waitress and used to make between $600-$700 a NITE. I am sorry, but there is no way a waitress makes that much money. You were a stripper honi - I ain't as dumb as I look.

OH YEAH - and also - CR was telling me that all day yesterday she was in JPA's office flirting with him and bending over and squatting next to him and - and oh girl - stay away from him - he's my man - don't u be getting all cozy or I'll turn on bitch-factor 10 - and you don't want the pointy end of that! Seriously tho - I know he's not actually mine - but that's not the point.

The point is this. She is unprofessional and it is starting to get on my nerves. So today I brought out the girls and I ain't about to take no crap. Lets see what happens!



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Blogger Steve said...

Human contact! Office intrigue! Keep it coming.

But could you please use the Spell Check Feature of blogger? It's quite handy.

12:27 PM


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