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Friday, September 30, 2005

Jonny Mosley is a HOTTIE HOTTERSON.

---the saga continues---

Ok, so we left off yesterday with a little frustration and alot of moisture damage. After I got all settled down over the small flood in my satchel, I sat down and started talking to the cute boy in the seat across the aisle. He is a very nice, just graduated from law-school Guatemalan named Salvador (like Dali - but not).

We talked for about 20 minutes or so while the plane took off and then both decided to stretch out and get some shut-eye. To my utter delight, the plane was very empty towards the back and the stewardess informed us that if we wanted to move somewhere else and stretch out - that we were more than welcome to. YIPEE! There were 3 unoccupied seats in front of me. Sweet. I put all those arm rests up, kicked my shoes off, grabbed 2 blankets for a pillow and 1 to cover up with and had the most comfortable airplane seats EVER. You couldn't pay me to move to first class. THIS was high class. I figured I had at LEAST a $600 seat with all this room. So I had that goin for me....

So we finally get off the plane, I move up and talk to the boy a bit more while we are landing and de-boarding, he gets my # and we part ways. (like we're gonna "hang-out" while we're both on vacation visitng friends here or something? plus, the dude lives in GUATEMALA!)

My friend Kathy B picks me up and we are off like a prom dress!

So, we drive around San Fran with no real agenda, drive over the Golden Gate Bridge

and then over to one of her friends apartements. We discover there is this thing called Icer Air going on TODAY! What is that? Well, I'm glad u asked, They haul 150 tons of shaved ice to San Francisco and set up an 800-foot long ski jump course on one of the city's steepest hills (18% grade!). Here's the article. PLUS, to top things off, the temperature was 80 degrees! Talk about bizarro! The best part of all this, is that we arrived to the scene right at 3:45 when everything was ending, but also, PERFECT timing! We are struggling up this hill (and lemme tell u - this street is super steep) and get to the bottom of the snow packed street

and lo and behold who comes flying down the jump? Jonny Mosley.

Man is that guy hot.

So, naturally, I am a bit star struck b/c
A. he is s super hottie and
2.he's a fantastic skier.

So anwyays, its kinda funny, cuz all these people are trying to jump in and take photos with him while he is also trying to interview with some tv crew and he just tells everyone to follow him and they do. So this is where the most action-packed 10 minutes of the day happens. Everyone is crowded around him at the bottom of the hill and these 15 yr old catholic school girls have just gotten his autograph and are freaking out, screaming beatles-esque style.

Just beyond the swarm of people around Mosley, is a bum finding his lunch out of the nearby trashcan on top of newspaper racks.

In the background, the bus that was crossing the intersection has just been de-railed from its electric protrusions that power it.

Called the MUNI, a "trolley bus" is a rubber-tired vehicle with motors powered by electricity from overhead wires.

Me & my friends are astounded at all that is going on and are just standing back and laughing our ass off while watching the bus driver try to remove it from the middle of the intersection. Hilarity ensues. :)

After all that commotion, we head off towards Fisherman's Wharf

to take a gander at the sea lions. On the way there, we encounter the "World Famous Bushman...2006"

This is a homeless guy who sits on his box, behind two large twigs of shrubery.

Unsuspecting people walk by, consumed in themselves or their surroundings (or just doing what most people do and ignore homeless people in their obvious line of sight) and the bush-man shakes his twigs and scares them. On the other side of the street are about 100 people just standing there, waiting and watching for the next victim to cross his path. More hilarity ensues.

So we walk down to Pier 39, passing all types of interesting charachters and street performers along the way, and go watch the sea lions fight for their space on the dock.

It is about 5 o'clock PST now, I have been up and "going" now since 5:30am EST (that's about 15 hrs straight going on 4 anda half hrs sleep the nite B4). It has been a FULL day and I am pooped. Plus, the Smallville season premiere is on tonight and there is nothing that will keep me from that. It's a guilty pleasure and I don't care if u poke fun of me, Clark and Lex are HOTT and that is an excellent show.

Thank u goodnight! Don't forget to tip your waitresses! Try the veal!


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Looks like “hot” Jonny has a bit of a complexion problem. Ew! Beaksville.

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