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Friday, September 16, 2005

Does it count?

Okay, so I get to work this morning and I ask the dude if he got anything in the mail last nite. He responds with a shrug and a look and says waht are you talking about? AND I BELIEVED HIM...but then he broke and ACKNOWLEDGED that his stupid girlfriend handed him the letter and said I think there's somehting in it like a penny or something...so do know what he did? HE THREW IT AWAY! He didn't even open it! So now he is prancing around the office boasting how it didn't count because he never actually "touched" the penny and since I was getting so "upset" about it that he had won! I wasn't UPSET as he put it - but I do believe I made a big deal about how it most definitely DID count since the penny was last in his possession.



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