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Tuesday, November 22, 2005


What the hell is this MySpace thing for us civilians? I mean, I get why bands are into it - and I think its a viable resourcce for bands to use to get their name out and their music heard, but for the random yahoo who just wants to post their picture and see how many "friends" they can acquire? Puh-leez!
For instance, take my friend Mark.
He sends me an email THRU MySpace that he is moving. He doesn't send it to my ACTUAL email, or call. I mean c'mon brutha! I heard from Eric that you were moving anyways, but PUH-LEEZ! Why you can't email me to my email address, like you don't know it or sumpthin? Like you don't have my phone number, like you don't know how to text a sista? Like we only communicate thru MySpace? Do you KNOW how often I check MySpace? Like almost never. The ONLY time I get on is if i get a request to be added to someone's "elite" group of friends. Ooooooooooooo can I PLEASE be your stupid friend? Who the hell are you? Does anyone else get those random emails from some dude in africa or india who wants to be your friend because you are soo beautiful? - and the english is always all broken, mispelled and hard to read like this:

halo. my nam is achmedilatillione and i think u like the same things i like. u r soo beutiful. maybe some times u like to chat with me. ok i will not bother you no more.
hope to hear from u.

by the way - in my head his name is pronoucned like this: (AK-med-a-TILL-EE-own) but who the hell knows what goes on in my head...

Ok, I actually made that last one up, but here is an ACTUAL email sent to me last wednesday from this guy:

Hello Dear,

I feel much gratitude to drop mail to you and ask you How you are, hope you are doing well, good, anyway my mail to you might sound so some how to you, but i Would love you to understand it as a matured woman You are,really i can tell you through your picture i picturized, you really look good to me and meanwhile i Was very pleased, confidence in having such a woman Like you beside my life, but only if you would'nt mind, Again, i would also let you to understand that this world Is a global place in which any body can find his nor her Lover from any part of the world despise the race nor Age, more so, age has nothing to contribute in relationship and it was just a number,so what matters Alot in every relationship is, trust, love, interest, and understanding, so dear i would like to interchange email With you so we can proceed gradually for future if you Would'nt mind, though am from africa, but take a note That we came from does not matter,meanwhile we were Created with same God, deffinitely we are one no matter the colour, so this is my email,
jerry_boyfriend@yahoo.co.uk or jerry_boyfriend@hotmail.com
Thanks, looking forward to hear from you as well,

What the hell is this guy thinkin?
Why is he emailing me?
I honestly don't even know what he is saying to me the english is so broken and confusing. I mean, he is already assuming he is my boyfriend, did you see his email address? That's quite and ASSumption, u know?
What, I'm gonna move to Senegal to be with you so we can live happily ever after and our 15 children can run around with bones in their noses and earlobe holes so large you can pass a cantalope thru them with out touching the sides?? I think not.
Silly Negro...


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