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Friday, November 18, 2005

Cold Gas

What's the deal with pumping gas when its cold? I went to the QT on the way in to work this morning and out of 12 pumps, there is ONE opening. Hooray! (I think) So I pull in, line myself up real nice, get all my change ready so I can go in and purchase a tasty caffinated beverage for my ride in (should I get french vanilla? mix it up with some hot chocolate? ooooo maybe they have that steamed flavored milk I can add to it...or maybe they have some fun holiday flavors like pumpkin spice or gingerbread like star-chucks...) so I get out and slide my little card in the slot, go thru all the appropriate actions and stick the nozzle into the hole to ejaculate the low-grade, 87, $2 and 8 cent per gallon into my fuel sucking transport. Ya know that little thingy you can flip down so it pumps automatically? Well, that little shit wouldn't stick. Everytime I would squeeze the handle, the damn handle snapped back, I did this like 10-15 times before I got all pissed off. The damn machine pumped 59 cents, stopped. Then I had to re-swipe, it pumped $2 and 37 cents, stopped and thats when I peeled out of my space to find a new one, of which there wasn't, of course. I ended up having to back into a space, probably cutting someone off that had been waiting, but DAMNIT, I earned that friggin spot!! So I re-swipe, AGAIN, and this time, it works. I storm inside and tell the canadian gas station attendant, in a very firm tone, & with much reservation how he might want to disable the faulty pump becuase it is malfunctioning. The canadian is sympathetic to my needs, and I try to contain my anger for I know it is not his fault. I go over to the coffee bar and make my specialized concoction, then go to stand in line at his register. He apologized for my inconvienence and I got a free cup of coffee too!

Now I am just looking forward to tonight's Butch Walker show! Yipee!!!!!!!!!!

I love Butch!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bravo! That was an excrement blog entry. I meant excellent! Thank you for the entertainment, where do I subscribe?
your anonymous younger brother

11:50 AM


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