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Monday, November 29, 2004

Words I enjoy

Here is a list of words that I like to hear and use whenever I can find a use for them:

Gallivanting, carousing, floozy, lollygagging, tomfoolery, hullabaloo, malarkey, uber, flogging, shenanigans, shank, nincompoop, blasphemy, shimmy, saucy, rigmarole, frugal, flim-flam, fondle, fancy pants, riff-raff, happy-go-lightly, jolly, swell, sconce, moist, squeegee, snazzy, plethora, shimmy, scoot, scurry, scamper, scuttle, sputter, splutter, gander, brew-ha-ha, fickle, unflappable, ransack, rummage, loot, booty, poppycock, high-fallooten, willy-nilly, unscrupulous, frolic, flabbergasted, charlatans, tricksters

Can u think of any more?


Blogger rusty said...

I also said "flabbergasted" isn't used often enough in casual conversation the other day.

Dingleberry, hoodwinked, slapdash, and ramshackle were the other four I wrote at the time.

Now I would add hootenanny, balderdash, scurrilous, knucklehead and fiddlesticks.

Jefe, would you say I have a plethora of pinatas?

10:31 PM


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