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Monday, November 08, 2004

Drinking is fun!

So last nite I was informed by a friend that I was giving everyone at the bar Mexican names on Sat nite. I can’t say that I recall that moment, but maybe I’d rather not remember. Apparently I had more than 1 red bull & vodka (like 3 or 4 I was told) – in addition to the 37 glasses of wine from earlier. Who let me drink that many?! Honestly! Strange b/c I had no hangover whatsoever either. I do remember giving this guy shit about not remembering my name. Apparently I was really givin it to him good. I think I just liked yelling at him. I really wish I could remember giving out the mexican names, b/c according to my friends, it was all pretty hilarious. You know how sometimes u wake up the next morning(afternoon) and your head is throbbing and you just have this horrible feeling that something very not good was said or done by you the nite before and you really don't want to know what it was, but inevitably you find out and your worst fears are confirmed. Well, this was nothing like that. I woke up and the only regretable feeling I had was that I had given my # out to some guy I was apparently talking to for quite some time and who knows what we talked about. Oh yeah and when I stumbled thru my door at 3:17 am, I decided to put in my latest netflix Smallville dvd and make a pizza - I recall having enough foresight to force myself to sit up while the pizza was cooking so that I didn't fall asleep and burn my apt to the ground. When I woke up, I discovered pizza sauce on my blanket I had been sleeping with. Gross, but I started cracking up. I think the red bull helped me to be semi-conscious enough to make myself eat and drink water and take advil before passing out. Interesting how I can always manage to be able to remove my contacts from my eyeballs without seriously injuring myself, but I can't manage to eat pizza without getting it everywhere!


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