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Monday, October 18, 2004

Red Bull & Coffee

Good Morning World!
How was your weekend? Mine? Pretty uneventful, but that is okay. Friday nite went out with Mary Michael, Daniel Brooks & Molly H. to Tijuana Garage in L5P. Ate some delicious collards and fish tacos. Mmmmmm, mmm! Saturday attended the Decatur Beer Festival with Harris, Beth & her bro, which by the way I thought was kind of an ass. Country and full of himself. Why? Who knows. I called ML on Sat. when I got back from drinking. Probably not a great idea, but it's too late now. And I'm not quite sure how I feel about BB anymore. I don't know if I'm just unimpressed, bored, or antsy. I feel like a walking Seinfeld episode most of the time. Am I too picky? Too high of standards? Would I prefer to be alone to depending on someone? I really don't like depending on people. I prefer my independance over dependance. Maybe it's not for everyone. Maybe I am destined to turn into the crazy cat lady. Maybe not. Maybe BB just isn't the right person and I so wanted him to be. I think I just figured it out. I want to find that person so bad that I just think everyone is him at first. But he might not exist to be truthfull. Or if he does exist, I probably blew it and missed my chance. Ugh. What do I do now? I need a new perspective on things. I can't wait to go see Cord in Austin. This trip is perfect timing. I need to regroup and relax and have a fun great time and not think about anyone or anything but my friend and myself. Yipee! Here I come Cord!


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