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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

My Sister's 16th Birthday!

Happy Birthday Liz! 16 years ago I was 13 and welcomed my new baby sister into the world at 7:30 pm EST! I was a troubled 13 year old...ripped jeans, teased bangs, black t-shorts. I thought I was pretty cool, and I was. I was a teenage rock star. Guns n Roses was my favorite all time band and I was completely in love with W. Axl Rose. I collected every magazine I could get my hands on that had any mention of GNR or any of the gunners. I felt a special connection to them since they were from my own small hometown of Lafayette, Indiana, from which in 1988 we had just moved away from to the metropolis of Dunwoody Georgia. I remember going to school that day and knowing my mom had gone to the hospital to have my sister. I, of course, knew it was a girl, even though my parents had decided to wait and see.. Having 2 obnoxious little brothers, one 3 and one 4 yrs younger than me, it HAD to be a girl, it just had to be. Lo & behold it was. I had a new play thing, toy, baby girl. It was really neat-o. She was the only person who comforted me when I felt like no one else in the world understood. She, this little tiny baby who knew nothing of my "awful" adolesence, how unreasonable and unfair my parents were (at the time), and didn't judge me at all. SHE loved me. SHE understood. SHE would be on my side once she grew up and saw for herself...as i counted the days until I turned 17 so I could move out and handle life how I wanted. At least that is how I thought at the time. So thank you Elizabeth, thank you for being born, thank you for rescuing me from my (what I thought was a) terrible life. Thank you for comforting me when I was busted at school when I was 15 for acid and forced to go to rehab the next day, you were there sleeping next to me, listening, understanding, conforting, saving, loving me. Thank you & I love you.


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