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Friday, November 19, 2004

Am I superficial?

I don't see myself as a superficial person. But I do believe that first impressions are huge. I realize that after you get to know someone better, they can become a beautiful person, no matter what they look like, and also that beautiful people, can turn out to be so ugly on the inside once you get to know them. However, I am on match.com and I will receive emails every so often and the very 1st thing i do is look at their photos. If they are cute - (which they rarely are) then I read their profile and if we have a few things in common that I can relate too, I will email them back. BUT if they are ugly, I read their profile anyways and even if they sound like the perfect match, I never email them. Am I superficial I ask you?

We are all guilty of it I am sure of it. C'mon girls, the first time you meet some one you know weather or not you want to sleep with them or not with in the first 5 minutes - sometimes less time.


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