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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Some people should just be put out of their misery

My friend's ex-husband is an asshole. Have you heard the recent drama with him? He keeps emailing people here at my work, well, my boss and I, about some photo that my friend's sister made up where she superimposed his head on a child’s body at chucky cheese in a pic taken with that mouse thing from chucky cheese. Anyways, he accused me of doing it and wrote a lengthy email to my boss asking if we (my work) had used it for any of our promotional or advertising – can u believe it? What an idiot. So Friday, my boss pulls me and my friend into his office and asks us about it – and I DID NOT make that photo – so we are of the hook, but the thing is that her sister had written on it something with the name of our company – I don’t know, I don’t really get it. Then my boss wrote back a long email to that loser saying how the photo is in no way associated with us and that we would never use anything that foolish in our advertising…blah blah blah…so THEN Monday morning, I get an email from this crazy head accusing me again of making the photo, well I wrote him back (and let my boss approve it first of course) about how I did not create the photo and if he emails me again, then I will file my own personal harassment suit against him. I haven’t heard anything directly since..

However, yesterday, he decides to fax over that “priceless” photo that my friend, accidentally, snapped on his camera 2 yrs ago. My boss has gotten the lawyers involved now and they wrote a letter to him. The dumbass still wrote back a bunch of crap that didn't make any sense. I really wish I could post it, but I don't have it.

What an idiot!!!!!


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