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Thursday, June 22, 2006

A Loose Screw

Our freezer has a twisted bent screw that is out of place. It is located in the hinge on the bottom and prevents us from closing the door properly, unless we lift the entire door up and over the out of place, twisted and bent screw. We have asked our lanlord; Laurence Margolis, Attorny at Law; several times to fix it. He came over this morning and carefully wedged a very small rock under it so that now we do not have to lift the door to close it. I laughed out loud.
But on the other hand....
what a lazy half-ass stupid thing to do! WHy not just get a damn tool, remove the screw and replace it with a new one? Now, you may be thinking, yeah why don't YOU just do it? (the "YOU" being me). Well, I would, but I tried when I first discovered our messed up freezer door and it's not a phillips head, its something else )i forget what he said it was called) but nevertheless, I am a woman and I have very few tools. I WISH I had more tools, but no one has ever bought them for me, they are kind of expensive so I haven't rushed out to buy them for myself, besdies, I rarely use them, so what a waste of $$ when I have a lanlord...I mean...slumlord...
We also asked him to fix the ice maker......in JANUARY. It has been broken since January. And now, it is June, and it is hot out, and I want fucking ice in my glass dammit!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its a star nut driver and a whole set of them costs $8 at Target.


11:38 PM

Blogger Steve said...

Home Depot has a very nice 40 piece screwdriver set on sale for eight bucks. It includes several star driver heads.

3:26 PM


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